Fans Call Out Travis Kelce for ‘Switching His Identity’ One Year After Ditching Black Girlfriend for ‘Vanilla Bean’ Taylor Swift

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Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has social media going crazy after he was spotted with Taylor Swift over the weekend instead of his ex, model /influencer Kayla Nicole.

Kelce’s love life has always been in the public eye, but never to the extent it has been over the past few months. Three years after he was drafted to the NFL, the NFL player starred in his own dating show, “Catching Kelce.” Out of 50 girls, Kelce chose Maya Benberry as the winner.

Kelce and Benberry’s fairytale relationship was kept under wraps so as not to spoil the show’s ending, but once the final episode came out, Benberry said that she was surprised by the amount of racially motivated backlash she received due to being a Black woman. Benberry and Kelce’s relationship was short-lived, as Kelce would start dating Kayla Nicole less than a year later.

Fans Say Travis Kelce “Had to Go Back to His Roots” After the Star Tight End Went from Kayla Nicole to Taylor Swift
Fans Say Travis Kelce “Had to Go Back to His Roots” After the Star Tight End Went from Kayla Nicole to Taylor Swift. (Photos: @iamkaylanicole/Instagram; @killatrav/Instagram; @taylorswift/Instagram)

Nicole, another Black woman, is a broadcast journalist as well as an influencer. The pair started dating in 2017 after Nicole said that Kelce had been “Insta-flirting” with her for a few months. Nicole said that after some “liquid courage” she made the first move and DM’d the NFL star.

The pair dated for five years, however, their relationship was not perfect. Back in 2020, Kelce and Nicole broke up and some believed it was because Kelce cheated. In a post that has been deleted, the tight end denied the rumor calling it “fake news.” The pair got back together a few months later, but it wasn’t the last time rumors surrounded the couple.

In May 2022, a new rumor stated that the pair broke up again, and this time it was because Kelce was being cheap. MediaTakeOut claimed that a source told them that Kelce had only given Nicole $300 during their entire relationship.

The source also claimed that Kelce made Nicole go 50/50 on “every date, every trip, everything,” to prove that she wasn’t just with him for the money.

Kelce stayed quiet until he showed up at a January episode of “The Pivot Podcast.” Kelce did say that the relationship was over, but when asked about the rumors he said, “Don’t buy into that s—t.” Kelce said “I would never say I was supporting her…but you gotta be crazy if you think I never helped or gave a couple dollars.”

Kelce said that he was in the “free market” at the start of the year, but just a few months after that episode dropped, new rumors started to come up. Whispers began to come up about Kelce potentially courting Taylor Swift, and it became the talk of the sports world.

People like Stephen A. Smith, Pat McAfee, and Travis’ brother Jason Kelce weighed in on the speculation. Kelce said that he shot his shot at Swift and that the ball was in her court, and Swift picked up the ball and shot it back.

Kelce’s female fans took to social media to let their feelings be known about his new girl.

“Bigggg downgrade.”

“Let him have his vanilla bean he is going to be a new song in 1 yr watch for it.”

“All y’all talm bout he updgraded dis and dat s–t ain got none to do wit all that lol it’s about how he switching his identity to fit the occasion.”

“He had to go back to his roots.”

The world-famous singer showed up to Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City and watched Kelce score a touchdown from his private suite with his mother celebrating next to her. The pair was later seen leaving the game together, as Swift wore a Chiefs jacket.

If the duo are dating, Kelce won’t have to worry about splitting bills anytime soon. Nicole makes great money, as she worked for Barstool Sports and ESPN while also getting social media endorsements, but it is not even comparable to Swift’s bag.

Nicole is reportedly listed as being worth $2 million and Kelce is somewhere in between $20 million to $30 million. Swift blows the former couple out of the water with her net worth being somewhere around $740 million.