FanDuel User's Claim Platform Took Winnings Over Child Support Goes Viral

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A FanDuel user’s claim that their winnings on the gambling platform were intercepted to pay for a child support debt has spurred a debate on social media.

As seen in alleged screenshots circulating on X, formerly Twitter, and Instagram in recent days, the claim, the exact origins of which were not immediately clear, includes a purported email from FanDuel informing the person that the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services’ Child Support Enforcement division had notified them of “an open child support debt.”

As a result, the purported email stated, $1,578.84 had been debited from the individual’s account “to fulfill the open balance.” Another screenshot that was circulating on social media showed a total wager of $2.00, while the amount won on FanDuel was listed as $1,580.84.


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It's unclear if this particular claim itself is legit, particularly given that its source has not been verified by those sharing it. What is clear, however, is that child support is indeed well-covered ground in FanDuel's user policy.

In a section of the official site’s Responsible Play guide, it’s pointed out that third party exclusion or play restriction requests for a user "can be made by requestors who provide proof" that the individual is, for example, "subject to a court order requiring him or her to pay unmet child support obligations."

Back in 2011, the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services announced its first interception of casion winnings for a child support debt. The interception took place just two days after the launch of a pilot program. One year earlier, a state law was passed that resulted in winnings exceeding $1,200 being susceptible to child support debt collection.

Below, see a sampling of how people have reacted to the viral FanDuel claim. Notably, plenty have remained skeptical of certain aspects of the story, namely alleging that the process typically moves slower in their experience. At any rate, this isn't the first time that FanDuel and child support have been discussed in tandem.

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