Fan theories emerge after 'Masked Singer' sneak peek reveals first clues

Sunday's Super Sneak Peek of the Masked Singer season two introduced all but one of the 16 new costumed characters and unveiled the first batch of clues. Except for Lady Bug, each masked mystery celebrity previewed their character's elaborate costume design and offered some early hints to their identity. Naturally, this first set of cryptic clues lead to some early fan speculation across Twitter. Eagle's rock star vibes and red bandana had some viewers guessing Brett Michaels's. Flamingo's Pretty in Pink quote, "I love this mask as much as I love mascara," had a couple of fans pushing their actor theories. Ice Cream stood in front of a February calendar with the 14th circled and said they were made of "sugar and dairy" and live for "half of February," which had one fan guessing Freddie Highmore because of his Valentines Day birthday. The number "4261" on Skeleton's tombstones lead to one of the more impressive fan theories of the night. Law & Order SVU star Chris Meloni's birthday is April 2nd, 1961. Thankfully there will be many more clues to come when The Masked Singer season two premieres on September 25th. And judging by the sneak preview of Thingamajig and Flamingo's performances, fans have plenty to look forward to this season.