A Fan Gave Mandy Rose A Zucchini At WrestleCon, Said It’s ‘In Case Of Emergency’

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Photo Credit: WWE
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Mandy Rose received an odd gift from a fan at WrestleCon.

The former NXT Champion was let go from the WWE in late 2022. This was due to her “FanTime” content, which is similar to OnlyFans. She had just ended a 413-day reign as NXT Women’s Champion, so the release came as a shock.

She has not come back full-time to wrestling, but that hasn’t stopped fans giving her odd gifts at conventions.

Mandy Rose recently appeared on the Power Alphas Podcast, and discussed the interesting gift she received at WrestleCon. She noted that one fan gave her three food items, and the reason he gave was very odd.

“Did I tell you the gifts I got this weekend? You want to know what it was? A zucchini! It was a fresh mozzarella, a pecan pie and a zucchini. You want to know what he said? He’s like ‘Here is a fresh zucchini, in case of emergency’ and I was like [shocked face].”

It appears that this was a (really weird but) common theme with one fan at this year’s convention, as someone also “gifted” Allysin Kay an English cucumber.

Mandy Rose Details Her Most Embarrassing Moments In WWE

Speaking on the Power Alphas podcast, Mandy Rose talks about her most embarrassing WWE moments. The former Tough Enough contestant revealed how she struggled to erect a table during one horrific moment in WWE.

“That’s really great that you brought that up. You know why? Because there are so many people out there that love to just post that randomly cuz, there’s a video. So, it’s all my fans out there. No, it’s all my fans out there. I’m glad you brought that because I want to tell the story of how it happened. Well… If we’re going, most embarrassing moments that was definitely one.

“So let me just explain something to you. I practiced. Cuz people don’t realize those tables are heavy. They’re heavy, they’re hard, you’re in the middle of the moment, you’re blown, all these things, that was the worst match of my life. Daria and I both, we both say that was the worst match it was so many things going on in our life, it was very bad. Very bad match.

“But we practiced that match, I practiced that so many times that I was like, ‘Oh I got this.’ And for some reason, I went the wrong way cuz I tried to lift it like that and you just can’t. And then I’m trying to kick it up and I can’t get it up and it’s like moving with me. Danillo the ref who we’re good friends with was trying to help me so bad that he’s like, ‘The other way, the other side,’ He’s trying to tell me, and then he’s telling me it’s getting so bad that it’s taking so long that he’s like, ‘Forget it. F*** the table. Forget it.’ Cuz we weren’t even using it. We were teasing it… It was so freaking embarrassing.”

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