Fan Chant: CRAVITY Keep Finding Their Light

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Welcome back to Fan Chant, a weekly column for K-pop fans, stans, and newbies alike. Today, CRAVITY comes back to the column to discuss their latest release, EVERSHINE. If you haven’t already, you can always subscribe to my companion newsletter to get Fan Chant delivered right to your inbox each week!

CRAVITY are known for their bright, energetic sound — but for their latest EP, EVERSHINE, the band was ready to try something a little different.

The mini-album’s focus track is titled “Love or Die,” and the song channels a more pop-punk sound than the band has ever displayed before. It’s not the only new ground broken in EVERSHINE; the project’s closing track, “Over & Over,” is the first entirely self-written song in the group’s discography. “Over & Over” was penned by Allen, who shares, “I’m usually not the type to gas things up, but I have confidence in this song.”

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The group makes their Fan Chant comeback this week to reflect on putting this project together and what lies ahead in 2024. Soon, CRAVITY will be coming back to America for the second WeBridge festival in Las Vegas. “We have so many things lined up for LUVITY,” Jungmo promises the fans.

Watch the music video for “Love or Die” below, and read on for the full interview with CRAVITY.

“Love or Die” has such a throwback sound that made me think of some bands I listened to a lot when I was younger, like Boys Like Girls or Fall Out Boy, and it made me wonder if you guys were interested in taking that further and doing a full rock concept or emo concept down the road.

Allen: I can’t agree with you more. I’m definitely loving this new sound we’re doing with “Love or Die.” I would love to take the sound and make a whole album out of it.

I know you often have a brighter, warmer sound, so was it fun to try something a little different as a team?

Wonjin: This is my favorite concept, and I’ve been waiting to try it. I loved the emotion.

Were there any bands you had on your playlists to get you inspired? Who have you been listening to?

Woobin: Led Zeppelin.

Taeyoung: For me, there’s a Korean rock band called SE SO NEON. They have a really good rock sound.

Allen: I listen to a lot of blackbear, especially since these days he’s making more punk-rock music. Serim likes his songs as well.

I’m such a fan of your songs like “Adrenaline” and “Groovy,” so on this project, “Cherry Blossom” was my favorite. I wanted to know if there were any cheerful tracks you turn to when you need a lift.

Minhee: Songs with a really fast beat get my heart racing.

Serim: For me, PRETTYMUCH’s “Teacher.”

Taeyoung: I don’t always listen to bright songs to lift up my mood. I like chill songs, like Laufey’s “Falling Behind.”

Do any of you have a song on EVERSHINE we haven’t talked about that you want to shout out?

Allen: “Over & Over,” my first-ever self-written and self-produced song!

Yes, that’s huge! What did it feel like to have that song make it to the final cut of the album?

Allen: It feels so surreal, I couldn’t believe it. I’m so happy with how everything came out, and I’ve been hyping up LUVITY — I’m usually not the type to gas things up, but I have confidence in this song.

Is there anything any of you have noticed about one of your bandmates lately that really impressed you, or something you’ve really admired about a member during this album cycle?

Hyeongjun: I was hungry, and Woobin cooked me something to eat.

Woobin: Woobin’s Traditional Secret Fried Rice. Oyster sauce and fried green onions is the kick.

Wonjin: Seongmin did black hair for the first time in three years.

Seongmin: When we practice the choreography all together, Hyeongjun really presides over dance practice, and I’m really grateful to him for that.

Allen: I’m really grateful for all our members just in general — to be able to debut with eight awesome guys who are so kind, considerate, cute, and handsome. I’m just grateful to be a part of CRAVITY.

This album, EVERSHINE, is all about finding a light in the darkness and knowing morning will always come. Were there any real-life experiences that you pulled from when working on this album?

Allen: Before we started the album, I felt a little lost in my life and career. I was on the phone with my brother and I was venting my worries to him, and he told me it’s always darkest before dawn. It made me feel like if I just endure a little longer, that sooner or later I’d find light. It fits in perfectly with this album, and hearing the news that my song made it onto the album was the light I was searching for. It made me feel like I could push through.

Taeyoung: I recently read a book that said if you’re working hard and not seeing success, work smoother. That really helped me when preparing for this album.

Are there any days that felt really special when preparing for EVERSHINE?

Taeyoung: We filmed the music video in really cold weather, -5 celsius, and we were getting rained on. After the filming, we warmed up by the heaters and made instant noodles, and that memory was so happy.

Seongmin: While recording “Worst Thriller,” there’s a part in a very low register. Since my voice is very high, I was worried if I’d be able to record this part well, but our director said, “Oh, Seongmin, even when your voice is low, it’s charming,” I got a confidence boost from that.

Jungmo: For this album, we worked especially hard, and we have so many things lined up for LUVITY. Be ready to go forward with us!

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Fan Chant: CRAVITY Keep Finding Their Light
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