Famous Sopranos booth at Holsten's in Bloomfield put up for auction. Where to place a bid

A piece of Sopranos history is now for sale.

The iconic booth at Holsten's in Bloomfield where the final scene of "The Sopranos" was shot was put up for auction on eBay Wednesday night.

Don't worry, Holsten's isn't closing. The ice cream and confectionary shop is just doing some renovations.

"The time has come. All good things sometimes need an upgrade. The famous Sopranos booth is getting a much needed face-lift," Holsten's posted on Facebook Wednesday night. "We are auctioning off the well endeared booth on eBay starting today. Place your bid on this once in a lifetime chance to personally own 'the booth.'"

The booth, where Tony Soprano, Carmela and A.J. wait for Meadow to finally park that car. The booth, which became a makeshift memorial after the death of James Gandolfini. The booth, which has been a must-see stop on Sopranos tours.

"Obviously, we aren't going to change the nostalgia of our beloved shoppe," Holsten's posted. "We aren't crazy! Just polishing up the place!"

The opening bid for the booth was $3,000 and it must be picked up at Holsten's on Broad Street in Bloomfield. The auction ends on Monday, March 4 at 10:02 p.m. Before noon on Thursday, the bidding had topped $30,000 with 19 different bidders and over 100 bids.

You get the "This booth reserved for the Sopranos family” sign, but, sorry, no mini jukebox like you saw in the finale of the show.

You can check out the auction on eBay here.

Fans push back on sale of Tony Soprano's booth

Fans on Facebook immediately posted comments begging the owners to reconsider the sale.

Holsten's responded: "Please understand that we don't want to do this. But the integrity of the booths are now compromised. They have been repaired many times and this furniture is over 60 years old. Obviously, we do not want to do this, however it has come to a point where they are structurally not safe anymore as a whole and we need to think about the safety of our patrons first."

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