Family’s years of terror at ‘Demon House’ takes new turn: ‘Evil doesn’t like being exposed’

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PITTSBURGH (WJW) – Ten years after FOX 8 first introduced viewers to “The Demon of Brownsville Road,” Fox 8’s Suzanne Stratford and Photojournalist Dave Bradford return to the home for an exclusive tour and surprising update.

The Cranmer family was terrorized for years inside the house at 3406 Brownsville Road until an exorcist and the Diocese of Pittsburgh helped “cleanse” the property and remove the violent entity.

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The strange phenomena began soon after they moved into the property with objects moving on their own, ghostly unexplained footsteps, and unsettling moaning sounds.

It gradually increased to include physical assaults, broken metal crosses and, most disturbingly, bleeding walls.

“We’d wake up on a regular basis with scratches and bite marks. This thing was out to hurt us,” said Bob Cranmer.

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The former Allegheny County Commissioner and his young family endured tremendous turmoil and suffering until the demon was finally forced out.

He then published the book,”The Demon of Brownsville Road” to warn people about the reality of evil.  In it, he outlines the history of the home, why he was drawn to it and how exorcists believe the house became possessed.

“It exists and just because people don’t want to believe it doesn’t mean it isn’t real,” he said.

The news report became one of tremendous interest, with many viewers wondering whatever happened to the house and family.

In this Fox 8 exclusive update, Cranmer explains how new anomalies have surfaced at the home, the property’s link to George Washington and sadly, how his family has endured even more heartbreak and tragedy connected to the demon.

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“Evil doesn’t like being exposed,” he said, “It’s kind of like the mob, the mob is unhappy and they hit back.”

He also explains why he still lives at the house and how it has become a premiere Pittsburgh Bed & Breakfast called  The Brownsville Roadhouse.

“A battle took place here but good won,” he said, “And I’m not leaving.”

And although all are welcome at the B&B, he says there is one caveat.

Frequently ghost hunters want to perform experiments at the house but they are absolutely not permitted, because Bob says he doesn’t want anyone trying to “stir” something up.

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