Family rejects daughter’s plea not to be ‘weird’ when meeting her boyfriend: ‘I would never speak to my family again’

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A woman couldn’t believe what her family did when meeting her boyfriend.

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Introducing your new spouse to the family is always intense. No matter how much you love your family, it’s natural to dread all the embarrassing questions and comments that could pop up.

TikToker Courtney Winters and her family had one job: Don’t act weird when her sister’s boyfriend arrived. Spoiler: Winters and company were extremely weird. The family lovingly gave the young couple quite the offbeat surprise, and it was hilarious.

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“My sister brought her boyfriend over for the first time … She told us not to be ‘weird,'” @courtneywinters wrote in a video.

The family of six stood outside on the lawn, folding their arms in anticipation. When the couple’s car pulled up, the family held its ground. The boyfriend and girlfriend approached the group, who quickly assembled into a game of London Bridges Falling Down.

The boyfriend was the first to walk through the tunnel of hands, followed by Winters’ sister. Everyone quickly broke into laughter and could hardly keep a straight face. The prank was all in good fun.

The funny video racked up 17.9 million views on TikTok.

“I would’ve just driven away right when I saw that,” someone commented.

“I’d see this as a challenge to out-weird them,” another said.

“I would never speak to my family again if they were like this,” a person said.

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