Family of George Floyd demands murder charges for cops involved in deadly arrest

The family of George Floyd appeared Tuesday on CNN Tonight With Don Lemon to address the high-profile case. Floyd died while handcuffed and in police custody, and video emerged showing that one of the arresting officers knelt on Floyd’s neck for several minutes despite his gasping pleas for help.

“They could have tased him, maced him,” said Floyd’s brother, Philonise Floyd. “Instead, they put their knee in his neck and just sat on him and didn't care at all.”

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey announced on Tuesday that the four officers involved in the arrest had been fired, but Floyd’s family doesn’t think their punishment should end there.

While battling through his tears, Floyd’s brother shared his thoughts on what should happen to the arresting officers involved. “They took a life now they deserve life.” Floyd’s brother also believes that if the roles were reversed, the officers would feel the same way.

Philonise said, “They're at home and sleeping with their wives, they have kids. If something like that happened to them, they would be just like me.”

Floyd’s cousin Tera Brown also weighed in on the arresting officers actions, saying, “We want to see them charged with murder and we want them to be convicted. They need to pay for what they did.”

Hundreds of people filled the streets of Minneapolis Tuesday in protest, while celebrities like Demi Lovato, Snoop Dogg and LeBron James protested on social media.

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