Fallon Mocks Trump’s Praise of Son Eric for Getting ‘PhD in Subpoenas': ‘Ironic Because at Trump University, You Can’ (Video)

Donald Trump officially announced his candidacy for president again this week, and many couldn’t help but notice the lack of energy in his speech. But Jimmy Fallon couldn’t help but also hone in on Trump’s shoutout to his son during the announcement, praising him for getting his “PhD in subpoenas.”

During his speech, the twice-impeached former president asked his son Eric to stand for the room as Trump heaped praise on him. “I think he got more subpoenas than any man in the history of our country,” Trump appeared to brag, before thanking him for “the abuse you’ve taken.”

He even joked that Eric is “a PhD in subpoenas.” At that, Fallon joked that getting that particular degree might be possible at a certain university.

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“It’s ironic because at Trump University, you can actually get a PhD in subpoenas,” Fallon mocked. “He’s like ‘That’s Eric! He’s got that big subpoenas energy.'”

Of course, like most of the late night and daytime talk show hosts, Fallon also poked fun at Trump’s energy during the speech, which many noticed was markedly low, compared to other events.

“I know we are, but why does he seem like he’s already over it?” Fallon joked. “What a moment! You can really feel the indictment — I mean excitement.”

The “Tonight Show” host also used Trump’s announcement to poke fun at the hoax circulating Twitter that Fallon himself had died, joking that when the twice-impeached former president announced he’d be running again, Fallon responded “Over my dead body.”

You can watch Fallon’s full monologue in the video above.

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