Fall TV 2016 Schedule: Print Out a Premiere Dates Calendar

It’s time to call in sick to work, say goodbye to your family, and send the kids to the neighbors — the Fall TV season is here! There are approximately a kazillion new shows premiering between now and the end of November (actual number: closer to 35), not the mention all of your returning favorites — and the only way for any true TV fan to survive is through detailed planning. And that’s where we come in.

Keep track of what’s returning when with this handy Fall TV calendar, which is helpfully color-coded for your convenience. Download it here, print it out, and get to work setting up your DVR season passes (and don’t feel guilty if you have to cut a few shows loose from your current must-watch list to make room for new offerings — TV is a cutthroat business, after all).

Happy watching, everyone!

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