This Fall We’re Saying Bye to Glass Skin, and Welcoming the Sweaty Skin Era

Makeup trends come and go, but during fashion month, it's something about the innovative and creative collections that are offset by the beauty looks that make some ideas stick. The focus has been on the skin for the last couple of seasons, from glass to bare skin, now from what we've seen at London Fashion Week this year: "Sweaty" skin.

Gone are the days of jello skin and the controversial "glazed" glossy look. It's all about having a "laminated" sheen. A look that embraces that natural sweaty glow we're all naturally sporting during a workout, after sex or just during normal day-to-day activities that cause you to perspire. Initially coined by MAC Cosmetics director of makeup artistry Terry Barber, laminated skin dominated the runways of London Fashion Week and even made an appearance during New York Fashion Week. In an interview with Refinery29, Barber exclaimed that sweat isn't necessarily bad. "It's a really beautiful laminated, hyper-moisturized glow all over."

Barber also warned against the heavy use of setting powder when going after this look." You can forget powdering down your face with setting powder too. "We're in a moment where you let makeup sink in rather than top it up," Barber advised. Laminated skin is about letting your "soul glow."