Fall Out Boy’s Weird Song Titles Are Back on ‘So Much (For) Stardust’ Tracklist

FOB_Press-Image-2023-credit-Pamela-Littky-2-1 - Credit:  PAMELA LITTKY
FOB_Press-Image-2023-credit-Pamela-Littky-2-1 - Credit: PAMELA LITTKY

Fall Out Boy’s song titles have become less and less unhinged with each passing album, but the tracklist for their forthcoming eighth record So Much (For) Stardust suggests that they still have that weird sparkle in them.

The 13-track project, arriving March 24, will feature the lead singles “Love From The Other Side” and “Heartbreak Feels So Good.” The rest of the tracklist is littered with titles like “Baby Annihilation,” “Flu Game,” “Heaven, Iowa,” “The Kintsugi Kid (Ten Years),” “I Am My Own Muse,” and “The Pink Seashell,” which features actor Ethan Hawke for some reason.

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So Much (For) Stardust marks Fall Out Boy’s first full-length release since 2018’s Mania. Alongside the album’s announcement in January, the band shared that longtime guitarist Joe Trohman would be taking a break from the band to focus on his mental health.

“It pains me to make this decision, especially when we are releasing a new album that fills me with great pride (the sin I’m most proud of),” Trohman wrote on Instagram. “So, the question remains: Will I return to the fold? Absolutely, one hundred percent. In the meantime, I must recover which means putting myself and my mental health first. Thank you to everyone, including my bandmates and family, for understanding and respecting this difficult, but necessary, decision.”

The album also logs their first release under Fueled by Ramen since the arrival of their debut album Take This to Your Grave in 2003. “We wanted to get back to the way we used to work,” Patrick Stump shared in a statement. “We wanted to make a record that was really lovingly crafted and deliberate and patiently guided – like someone cooked you a delicate meal. I’m not a very proud guy, but I’m pretty proud of this record.”

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