Fact About Television Reporter Maria Menounos

Maria Menounos' television career has spanned over 20 years.

Maria is widely known for her reporting on entertainment shows such as E! News, Extra, and Access Hollywood.

She's become popular with viewers thanks to her looks, charm, and fun personality. No matter what show she's working for, Maria is a big name when it comes to reporters.

Maria continues to gain new fans due to her work, and for this article, we're going to share some facts that may surprise you about the Greek beauty.


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She got her start on Channel One News

Maria's journalism career began when she was still a student at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts.

During her senior year, she was signed on to work for the news program Channel One News.

Channel One News was an educational news show that aired in schools across the United States.

Throughout her time on Channel One News, Maria traveled to various countries, including Africa.

These days Maria is known for interviewing celebrities and reporting on Hollywood gossip, but at Channel One she covered political and international news.

She's a wrestling fan

Maria is a longtime wrestling fan, and makes occasional appearances for WWE.

Maria has even shown off her athleticism by competing in the ring. One of her biggest matches came at Wrestlemania 28, when she teamed with Kelly Kelly to defeat Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres.

These days Maria has hung up the wrestling gear and boots, but she does co-host a few specials on the WWE Network.

In April 2013, she inducted her favorite wrestler Bob Backlund into the WWE Hall of Fame.

She had a brain tumor

In the summer of 2017, Menounos announced that she had a brain tumor.

Maria explained she began having excruciating headaches and often felt light-headed. Her symptoms caused her to go to the doctor, where an MRI revealed she had a brain tumor.

Maria underwent surgery to remove the benign tumor and has been healthy since then. Her scary ordeal has to lead her to speak out about her case. Maria hopes that by sharing her story, she can educate others on the symptoms and treatments of brain tumors.

She got married during a broadcast

Maria began dating her husband Keven Undergaro in 1998.

Maria and Keven offered a glimpse into their private life during her short-lived reality series Chasing Maria Menounos. During the series brief run, Maria and Keven often discussed their future and if marriage was part of it.

After 18 years together, Keven proposed to Maria during her interview on The Howard Stern Show.

On December 31, 2017, Maria and Keven married on national television during Fox's broadcast of New Year's Eve Live. Comedian Steve Harvey officiated the ceremony and pronounced Keven and Maria husband and wife.