Fact Check: Is 'Moana's Epic Voyage' Disney World's Newest Thrill?

White text on a red background says "NEW Moana Water Ride Coming to EPCOT!
White text on a red background says "NEW Moana Water Ride Coming to EPCOT!' is above a rollercoaster track. @MouseTrapNews/TikTok


Disney World is opening a ride called "Moana's Epic Voyage" in Epcot based on the animated film.


Rating: Labeled Satire

On Aug. 31, 2023, Mouse Trap News published an article claiming a new ride called "Moana's Epic Voyage" would be coming to Epcot, a theme park in Walt Disney World Resort. The ride was supposedly based on the 2016 Disney animated movie "Moana":

Moana's Epic Voyage – New Water Ride Coming to EPCOT

Since its opening in 1982, EPCOT has been one of the most popular Disney World parks. This is due to its innovative blend of education and entertainment. More recently, Disney has announced great changes to EPCOT, like the Star Wars ride coming to Spaceship Earth. In fact, they just announced another thrilling addition to EPCOT, Moana's Epic Voyage, a new log flume ride like Splash Mountain.

The website also posted about the claim on its social media accounts, including posting a TikTok video that had 1.8 million views at the time of this check:


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