F1 Champion Michael Schumacher's Son Would 'Give Up Everything' to Talk Racing with 'Hero' Dad

Mick Schumacher and Michael Schumacher
Mick Schumacher and Michael Schumacher

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After his father suffered a severe brain injury in a skiing accident years ago, Michael Schumacher's son said he wishes he could talk about their shared love for racing.

Mick Schumacher followed in the footsteps of his Formula 1 star dad by pursuing a career in the sport. Mick, 22, is currently in his rookie Formula One season with Haas.

While Schumacher's family has remained private about Michael's condition since his 2013 accident, his son revealed more about his current relationship with his 52-year-old father in the new Netflix documentary Schumacher.

"I just have huge respect for Dad. I have always had that," Mick says in the doc, which premiered on Netflix Wednesday. "He just has this presence. When he walks into a room, everyone goes quiet. That's how I remember it."

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"Every time I look at him, I tell myself, 'Yes that's how I want to be.' Such strength, such total peace of mind," Mick says, adding, "I think Dad and me, we would understand each other now in a different way now. Simply because we speak a similar language, the language of motorsport. And that we would have so much more to talk about."

Mick, who calls his father "my hero," continues, "And that's where my head is most of the time. Thinking that it would be cool. That would be it. I would give up everything just for that."

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Michael has not been seen in public since 2013 when he sustained a traumatic head injury while skiing in the French Alps that sent him to the hospital in critical condition, where he was kept in a coma for over a year.

Now, Michael lives in Geneva, Switzerland, with his wife, Corrina, whom he married in 1995.

"We're trying to carry on as a family the way Michael liked it and still does. And we are getting on with our lives," Corrina says in Schumacher. "'Private is private,' as he always said. It's very important to me that he can continue to enjoy his private life as much as possible. Michael always protected us and now we are protecting Michael."

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Michael is recognized as one of the best F1 drivers of all time. Throughout his career, he earned 91 wins and seven championships, according to F1.

Mick, who previously won eight races in 2018, was later named the Formula 3 European champion, which led to his F2 debut.

When it was announced he'd be joining the Formula 1 circuit last year, Mick said, "The prospect of being on the Formula 1 grid next year makes me incredibly happy and I'm simply speechless. I would like to thank Haas F1 Team, Scuderia Ferrari and the Ferrari Driver Academy for placing their trust in me. I also want to acknowledge and extend my love to my parents — I know that I owe them everything."

The driver added, "I have always believed that I would realize my dream of Formula 1. A huge thank you must also go to all the great motorsport fans out there who have supported me throughout my career. I will give it my all, as I always do, and I look forward to going on this journey together with Haas F1 and them."

Mick has continued to honor his father in his racing career; he chose the race number 47 to signify "for seven," a reference to Michael and his seven championships.