'Extraterrestrial Travelers' Invited to Kentucky With Tourism Message Beamed Into Space

Aliens have been formally invited to visit “the best place on Earth,” i.e. Lexington, Kentucky.

Tourism officials in the city, namely the Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau, recently launched a new advertising campaign aimed at several “potentially habitable planets,” complete with visual teases of what these possible visitors can expect should they choose to touch down in the region.

Get a look at the beamed-into-space message below, featuring references to the city's widely acknowledged status as "the horse capital of the world" and the state's extensive bourbon history.

lexington space campaign
Image via VisitLEX

“Of all of the things that we’ve been beaming into space, why not a positive, friendly message?” Dr. Brenna Byrd, an expert in Germanic languages and linguistics, said in a promotional video for the timely campaign. “I think saying, ‘Hey we’re nice and friendly people and we have horses and bourbon and dopamine, don’t eat us.’”

Making this feat of intergalactic tourism possible is a team of scientists from the Lexington area, all working under the leadership of Dr. Robert Lodder. Planets in the TRAPPIST-1 solar system, a mere 40 light-years from Earth, are estimated to receive the message, which also features music from Tee Dee Young, in roughly four decades. Thus, a response to the invitation isn't reasonably expected for at least 80 years.

lexington space campaign launch event
Image via VisitLEX

The campaign comes at an ideal time for UAP-focused developments. While 2023 boasted more than its fair share of extraterrestrial speculation, including some unfortunately bogus claims, recent years have given us no shortage of truly legitimate UAP stories.

As part of my own campaign to one day befriend our extraterrestrial brethren, let the record show that I am more than willing to make the drive to Lexington for a quality hang.

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