EXO Suho’s Missing Crown Prince Episode 13 Release Date & Trailer Revealed on MBN

EXO member Suho and Hong Ye-Ji from Missing Crown Prince K-drama
EXO member Suho and Hong Ye-Ji from Missing Crown Prince K-drama (Photo Credit: MBN)
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Missing Crown Prince episode 13 is set to air in May 2024 on MBN and Viki. Starring Hong Ye-Ji and EXO member Suho, the historical romance K-drama revolves around a crown prince and the royal politics against him.

In the previous episode, Myung-Yoon’s (Hong Ye-Ji) father, Sang-Rok, attempted to kill Crown Prince Lee Gon (Suho). When he saw his daughter, Sang-Rok was shocked. Lee Gon somehow handled that situation, but things got more complicated when Queen Yoon killed an important witness. Her son Grand Prince Do Sung (Kim Min-Kyu) informed Lee Gon and said he killed the witness. The episodes ended with Lee Gon taking the blame.

The Missing Crown Prince episode 13 trailer features Myung-Yoon and Lee Gon’s first kiss. However, it may also be their final kiss.

Watch the trailer here:

EXO member Suho’s Missing Crown Prince episodes 13 & 14 release date, time, trailer & more

Starring EXO’s Suho, Missing Crown Prince will premiere episode 13 on Saturday, May 25, 2024, and episode 14 on Sunday, May 26, 2024, at 10.00 p.m. KST on MBN. The K-drama is also available to stream on Viki.

The episode 13 trailer features Crown Prince Lee Gon making arrangements to bid farewell to Myung-Yoon. Seeing Lee Gon’s kindness and her father’s crimes, Myung-Yoon says, “How am I to pay for all these sins?” The crown prince responds, “I wish you were Baek-Du.” Simultaneously, the trailer shows him kissing her forehead, followed by their first kiss.

For context, Lee Gon named Myung-Yoon “Baek-Du” when they didn’t know each other’s true identities. Meanwhile, Sang-Rok wants Lee Gon to release his daughter. Grand Prince Do Sung tells his brother Lee Gon that he will escort Myung-Yoon to her house. Do Sung also likes her and is unaware of her feelings and those of Lee Gon. The grand prince and Myung-Yoon were almost married in episode 11.

Queen Dowager Min Soo-Ryun and Sang-Rok lay traps for Lee Gon and Do Sung. The trailer ends with Lee Gon crying in agony.

Missing Crown Prince episode 12 recap & spoilers: Hong Ye-Ji’s father attempts to kill Suho

Missing Crown Prince episode 12 begins with Sang-Rok’s plan to flee being ruined. He had planned to run away from the palace with his lover, Queen Dowager Min Soo-Ryun. But, before that, he should find a safe place for his daughter, Myung-Yoon. The latter escapes from her chamber, which ruins Sang-Rok’s plans.

Filled with rage, Sang-Rok enters Lee Gon’s chamber. He draws a knife and attempts to kill the crown prince. Sadly, Myung-Yoon hides in Lee Gon’s chamber and witnesses her father’s real face. When Sang-Rok attempts to attack Lee Gon, Myung-Yoon appears and stands in between two men, guarding the crown prince.

Lee Gon doesn’t want Myung-Yoon to witness his father’s dark side. Hence, he controls the situation calmly and sends Sang-Rok out. Meanwhile, Queen Yoon’s father manipulates her into killing the only witness who can help punish Soo-Ryun and Sang-Rok. When Do Sung finds out, he rushes to his brother and says that he killed the witness. Myung-Yoon listens to the confession from the hidden room.

Towards episode 12 ending, Lee Gon hugs Do Sung after his confession. One of the senior officials enters the crown prince’s chamber to inform him about the witness’ death. To protect his younger brother, Lee Gon says, “I was the one who killed her.”

To watch what happens next in Missing Crown Prince, tune in to MBN at 10.00 p.m. KST on Saturdays and Sundays.

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