Existing Last Of Us Part 2 owners can upgrade to the PS5 Remaster for $10

 The Last of Us 2.
The Last of Us 2.

The Last Of Us Part 2 Remastered was announced just yesterday, and thankfully Naughty Dog has now detailed an upgrade path for existing owners, which is good news for those concerned about fully rebuying a game that’s barely an infant’s age.

“And good news for existing owners of The Last Of Us Part 2 on PlayStation 4,” reads Naughty Dog’s announcement blog post. “You will be able to upgrade to a digital version of [Remastered] for $10 USD at launch,” it continues, “You’ll also be able to import your saves from the original game to Part II Remastered.” So far, there’s no word on how much the Remaster will cost without upgrading from an existing copy.

For those who own the action-horror sequel digitally, you’ll be able to upgrade on the PlayStation Store when the Remaster drops on January 19, 2024. Physical disc owners can also upgrade by simply inserting their PS4 discs into their snazzy PS5s (the ones with the disc drives, obviously) and paying the upgrade fee as usual.

The Remaster, as expected, adds a ton of technical improvements to the already technically impressive game. But the team is also adding a slew of exciting content, including an extra roguelike mode, previously cut levels with developer commentary attached, and some new skins for our favorite frenemies Ellie and Abby. You can read about all the changes and additions in our roundup from yesterday.

Elsewhere in The Last Of Us’ dark and dour universe, the HBO show’s second season will begin filming in “early 2024'' following a delay due to the actor’s strike. Meanwhile, the multiplayer project, colloquially referred to as Factions 2, is reportedly on bumpy water, even though the director recently claimed it’s still being worked on.

Our original The Last Of Us Part 2 review called the sometimes-controversial game “ambitious” and “epic.”