Exclusive video shows Ron Desantis ignoring a veteran during his campaign for Senator for Florida

A never-before-seen video shows Ron DeSantis ignoring a veteran at a Town Hall event when he was a candidate in the Florida senate election. DeSantis, 42, the Governor of Florida, who declared a state of emergency in Miami last week when a condo building collapsed killing at least ten people, can be seen on stage repeatedly ignoring the man who sits in the front row with his hand raised to ask a question. The moderator on stage with DeSantis refused to allow the veteran to speak and instead promised to answer his question after the event. The veteran finally stormed out of the event when he was not able to ask DeSantis about Agent Orange benefits. Agent Orange was a poisonous mixture of herbicides that US military forces sprayed in Vietnam to destroy forests that Vietnamese troops were hiding in. The spray was later found to be deeply toxic with US servicemen who suffered longterm exposure to the chemical mix developing cancers and other health disorders. The US Department of Veteran Affairs awarded compensation to around 1,800 veterans who had experienced serious health problems as a result of exposure to Agent Orange. When DeSantis took the microphone at the event in June 2016 in Tampa, Florida, he began his speech by thanking veterans for their service. The veteran walked out of the town hall. The source who filmed the uncomfortable moment claimed that veterans in attendance were encouraged to ask the congressman questions but it became clear that he would not answer them. They said: "When the veterans got there, they were given a yellow card to write a question down and the moderator up front would read out the questions. "It became apparent that the moderator wasn't asking the questions on the cards and he was just asking easy questions that made DeSantis look good. "After the event, the veterans said that none of their questions got answered." They added that the veteran who walked out was clearly angry after he was not allowed to ask about veteran benefits. The source claimed that the man was a Vietnam vet who was trying to ask about Agent Orange benefits. "He never got a chance to ask his question but he was trying to ask about Agent Orange benefits because he was from the Vietnam era," the source said. DeSantis withdrew from the senate race in 2016 when incumbent senator Marco Rubio announced that he would seek reelection. Two years later, in November 2018, DeSantis was elected Governor of Florida, the youngest person to become a governor in the United States. He was a close ally of President Trump and has been tipped as a potential Republican presidential candidate in 2024. We have reached out to DeSantis's team for comment. *Video filmed in 2016.