EXCLUSIVE: Tatum O'Neal Fights Back Tears During Reading With TV Medium Kim Russo

Tatum O'Neal was nearly reduced to tears after being connected with her deceased mother, Joanna Moore, during a session with medium Kim Russo.

The former child star lost her mom in 1997, but claims she continues to feel her presence.

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"Do you have stitches on your face somewhere from a long time ago?" Russo asked. "Were you bit by an animal or something?"

"You're freaking me out!" the Oscar-winning actress responded. "Her dog bit me in the face once."

Russo, author of The Happy Medium: Life Lessons From the Other Side, previously connected O'Neal with her mother on her LMN show, The Haunting of..., and she told O'Neal she believes Moore paired them together.

"Please don't make me cry my makeup off," O'Neal said.

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"I really felt drawn to call you," Russo said. "And I know that was your mother doing that."

Russo surprised the 52-year-old actress when she shared how her mother is pleased with the relationship she has with her own daughter, Emily, 25.

"I can't tell you the feeling she's giving me of how 'I never taught you how to be a good mother, and you just know it instinctively,'" Russo said.

The session got even more intense when Russo began receiving messages from O'Neal's close friends, who have passed away. She even received a special message from Michael Jackson.

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"He kept showing me the tickets he got for you," Russo said.

"Oh my gosh! To The Wiz!" O'Neal said. "He was mad at me about that."

"He's not. That's why he's coming through," Russo said before ending the session.

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