Exclusive Sunrise Clip Previews Creepy Guy Pearce Performance in New Vampire Movie

Guy Pearce Sunrise
Guy Pearce Sunrise

ComingSoon is debuting an exclusive clip from Sunrise, a new vampire movie starring Guy Pearce and Alex Pettyfer. It will be released in theaters and on Digitial/OnDemand on January 19, 2024, from Lionsgate.

Sunrise is a new vampire movie directed by Andrew Baird. The exclusive clip sees Guy Pearce’s character menacingly recall how he learned how to handle a branding iron at a young age, leading him to describe the “pain of [his] burning flesh” as “something nobody ever forgets.”

Check out the exclusive Sunrise clip below (watch more clips and trailers):

What is Sunrise about?

“When an ex-cop named Fallon returns to the scene of a horrific crime, the residents of a rural town soon discover that this dark visitor is really a vampire who feeds on blood and fear. After he is befriended by a kind immigrant family, the instinctive killer is faced with a choice between revenge and redemption. Guy Pearce and Alex Pettyfer star in this thrilling tale penned by Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Ronan Blaney.”

Sunrise is directed by Andrew Baird, who made his feature film directorial debut in 2021 with Zone 414 before he then directed One Way with Kevin Bacon in 2022. Baird has also directed a number of music videos for musicians such as Korn, Ke$ha, Flo Rida, The Weeknd, and more.

The script was written by Ronan Blaney, who wrote the 2014 short film Boogaloo and Graham, which was nominated for an Academy Award. Blaney also wrote 2018’s Don’t Go, 2019’s A Good Woman Is Hard to Find, 2023’s The Heist Before Christmas, and more.

Along with Pearce and Pettyfer, Sunrise also stars Olwen Fouéré, Kurt Yaeger, Crystal Yu, William Gao, Forrest Bothwell, Richard Pettyfer, Riley Chung, Chike Chan, and Teddy Parker. Producers include Martin Brennan, Jib Polhemus, Nathan Klingher, and Ford Corbett.

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