EXCLUSIVE: Ralph Pittman Claps Back at Claims He Used Drew Sidora’s Son for a Book

Ralph Pittman
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Unfortunately, Ralph Pittman has entered the chat.

The disgraced, soon-to-be-ex-husband of Drew Sidora went full-on villain mode during the back half of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 15. We all saw the divorce coming, but we didn’t expect it to be this nasty.

On the reunion stage and on social media, Ralph has been very vocal about his plans not to adopt Drew’s other son. In a shocking moment on the Season 15 reunion, he admitted that he didn’t want to adopt her son because it would be taking away from his biological father.

Ralph at the Season 15 reunion was a pretty stark difference from the superhero stepdad persona he tried to portray in previous seasons. Remember when he wrote that whole book about being a stepparent? We didn’t forget, and when Reality Tea News Editor Daniel Falconer commented on Ralph’s recent Instagram post, the Real Househusband decided to clap back.

Ralph’s got something to say

On Instagram, Ralph posted a montage of himself in his sparkly tuxedo, getting ready to take the stage. He looked great, but that all went away when he opened his mouth.

Under the post, Daniel commented, “Didn’t mind thinking about adopting when you used that boy for a book [thinking emoji].”

Ralph quickly clapped back — probably because it was the most liked comment under his little video. According to Ralph, we all need to “seek understanding.”

He said, “I hate that adoption was a storyline because it took away from the intent of the book and has you and many others confused.”

Who’s confused? Either way, he proceeded to explain that the book is about “overcoming the challenges of step parenting.”

“It’s hard,” Ralph explained. “It talked about my challenges stepping into an established family with rules, authority, behaviors, boundaries, traditions, relationships etc. that a step parent can’t come in and change or set like you can a biological child. Step parents have to also navigate the bio parent effectively, which can be extremely challenging.”

“This will make sense if you’re a stepparent but if you’re not, you may not understand,” Ralph continued in his lengthy clapback. “Lastly, the book didn’t come out because Adoption became the focus opposed to the true intent as discussed. Seek understanding.”

We’re trying to seek understanding, but we’re just not sure about this explanation. Maybe Courtney “the crisis manager” Rhodes is helping her cousin with his communication strategy right now? At least now Dan can say that he’s experienced Ralph’s gaslighting firsthand. Welcome to the club!

Season 15 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is streaming on Peacock.


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