EXCLUSIVE: Melissa McCarthy Tears Up Over 'Mike and Molly' Farewell: 'We're Just Trying to Get Through It'

ET was on the set of Mike and Molly as the cast tried to come to grips with saying goodbye ahead of Monday's series finale.

After six years on the air, the show has become a big part of the stars' lives, and the cast joked with ET about what keepsakes they might hold on to from the set.

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"We've already stolen so much stuff," Billy Gardell joked.

"I have a cargo van out back and you can't stop me," Melissa McCarthy quipped.

Meanwhile, Swoosie Kurtz admitted she'd rather leave the show empty-handed.

"I looked around the living room the other day and I thought, 'This is just not my taste,'" Kurtz said with a laugh.

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The actors consider their castmates to be family, which makes the farewell even more emotional. In fact, McCarthy cried during our sitdown just thinking about having to leave the show behind.

"I think now we're just trying to get through it, but tomorrow is going to be tough," McCarthy admitted.

The cast's closeness can be traced all the way back to the beginning of the show. The stars reminisced about their first meeting.

"The first week we were at Melissa's house just reading the script together," Gardell recalled. "We sat in her living room and we were just reading it because we wanted to work."

The excitement about the script seemed to come from the fact that the characters were so relatable.

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"I liked that they had real jobs," McCarthy said of the pilot. "He wasn't a cop by day and a superhero by night -- which I love those too and I'm available -- but I liked that I was like, 'I know these people.' I've got cops in my family. I just bought it all. It just all seemed easy."

The Mike and Molly series finale, featuring a baby for the titular characters, airs Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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