Exclusive Dawn Dusk Trailer Previews the Designer Documentary

Dawn Dusk Trailer
Credit: Blue & Jason Gerber

ComingSoon is debuting an exclusive Dawn Dusk festival trailer for the documentary about leather bag designer Chelli Look. The film will have its world premiere on 2:30 p.m. on March 24 at the American Documentary & Animation Film Festival in Palm Springs. You can now buy tickets for the showing.

“Dawn Dusk is an intimate, personal and therapeutic witness to a leather bag designer’s process of grief after the murder of her sister. It has been 10 years since Chelli Look’s sister Megan was murdered by Megan’s husband. Chelli’s brand, CHC, is about to launch its latest collection called Dawn Dusk. Through it all, Chelli wrestles with how to honor Megan’s legacy, and the weight of running a business, while remaining an artist at heart. Eventually, Chelli must reconcile these things with the future of her brand. Chelli’s search for healing and her creative voice is poignant and relevant for anyone who’s experienced loss. Woven with painterly visuals of the sun rising and setting, Dawn Dusk intimately captures an artist’s journey through grief and search for purpose.”

You can check out the exclusive Dawn Dusk festival trailer on YouTube below (watch more trailers):

“When we started filming Dawn Dusk, we originally thought we were making a short ‘maker’ documentary about Chelli’s work, the art of leather bag design, and creation,” stated Jason Gerber, director. “We’ll never forget that first coffee meeting with Chelli. We asked her how she got her start as a designer and she unexpectedly answered with the story of her sister’s murder and her journey to forgiveness.”

Who directed Dawn Dusk?

Dawn Dusk was directed and produced by Blue and Jason Gerber. It features Chelli Look, Dave Look, Peg Harms, Michael Harms, Jennifer Smith Tapp, Savanah White, Lucy Taylor, Xideh, Kamau Pendergrass, Whitney Middleton, Shelley Huard, and Renita Manley-Garrett.

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