Exclusive Citizen Weiner Clip Previews the Unbelievable Documentary

Citizen Weiner Clip
Credit: Daniel Robbins

ComingSoon is debuting an exclusive Citizen Weiner clip from the upcoming Slamdance Film Festival Official Selection documentary about actor Zack Weiner. The film is set to premiere on Sunday, January 21 at the Yarrow in Park City, UT at 12:30 p.m. MST. This will be followed by another showing on Monday, January 22 at 7:30 p.m., with both showings taking place in Theater A.

“Zack Weiner is an actor residing on New York’s Upper West Side,” reads the movie’s official logline. “When the film industry shut down due to COVID-19, Zack and his friend Joe embarked on a unique project: to make a film about running for city council, while actually running for New York‘s city council.”

You can watch the exclusive Citizen Weiner clip on YouTube below (watch more trailers):

Who directed Citizen Weiner?

Citizen Weiner was directed by Daniel Robbins and produced by Elliot Allen, Michael Gelfand, Daniel Goldschmidt, Joey Lyons, and Daniel Robbins. Dave Kneebone serves as executive producer.

The film stars Zack Weiner, Joe Gallagher, Sarah Coffey, James Watson, Aaron Dalla Villa, Cherie Vogelstein, and Dan Bright. It has a runtime of 83 minutes, or one hour and 23 minutes.

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