EXCLUSIVE: Banker’s Assistants Kamari Love, Ben Crofchick Discuss Deal or No Deal Island and Its Challenges

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The pressure is being turned up on Deal or No Deal Island. The contestants were brought to the mysterious Banker’s tropical island. Right now the remaining eight guests are fighting to remain in the game. The last player standing will face the Banker and possibly take home up to $200 million.

Last time, contestants Amy McCoy and Aron Barbell obtained the Banker’s Bonus case during the excursion. But they ended up being the bottom two. Stephanie Mitchell and Boston Rob Mariano won immunity. So, Amy decided that she wanted to face the Banker. At The Temple, host Joe Manganiello had Aron open the case. Inside, it read that there would be no elimination.

The Banker’s assistants, Kamari Love and Ben Crofchick, joined Reality Tea writer Kim Stempel to discuss what it is like working on the show and what surprised them the most about the game.

Kamari and Ben share what they first thought about Deal or No Deal Island

Kamari Love Ben Crofchick
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Kim Stempel: So, what I thought I would do is throw out these questions to both of you. What did you think when you first heard about the premise of Deal or No Deal Island?

Kamari Love: I just immediately thought it was the greatest idea because I feel like we took a lot of like the most popular game shows and combined them into one. You know, I feel like there’s a little bit of Deal or No Deal, a little bit of Survivor and we just threw them all together and made one mega-show which was like the coolest thing ever. So, very exciting.

Ben Crofchick: Well said. Well said. (laughs)

Kamari Love: That’s your answer? (laughs)

Ben Crofchick: Yeah.

Which excursions were the most frightening?

Kamari Love
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Kim Stempel: Have there been any excursions that the players have gone on that you thought looked absolutely terrifying?

Ben Crofchick: There was a snake box that … it just aired last night if you watched, and that for me, I’m not a big fan of snakes. I know a lot of us aren’t. So, any idea of sticking my hand in a box that can potentially bite me is a little … a little fearful for me. So, that’s one I would have stayed … stayed far away from probably. I think Kamari would probably agree.

Kamari Love: Oh, yeah. That’s why we weren’t the contestants.

Ben Crofchick: Gotta stay back on that one!

Kamari Love: Yes!

Kim Stempel: I was terrified on my couch. I was like, ‘No way!’

Kamari Love: Right! They were brave!

Kim Stempel: Are there any excursions that you wish you could have participated in?

Kamari Love: I feel like the jet ski. I definitely wanted to do the jet ski when we were participating or helping with the challenge. When they took off I was a little [like] ‘Dang, take me with you.’ But it was super fun to watch them, too.

Ben Crofchick: I would have … I would have done the swing. The tree swing. I would have enjoyed that one. Like, heights aren’t my thing really either, but I would have tested myself on that one. That would have been fun.

Kamari Love: That’s a good one.

Kim Stempel: These challenges were amazing.

Ben Crofchick: Oh, yeah. They created them well, for sure.

Ben and Kamari dish on what really happens in The Temple

Ben Crofchick
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Kim Stempel: What is the energy like when you’re shooting scenes in The Temple?

Kamari Love: Oh, man. It’s intense because everything’s up in the air, and you know Ben and I don’t know anything until it happens just like the contestants. So, it’s all just as much a surprise to us as it is to them.

So, you know, and Ben will agree, we have genuine reactions. You know, when people get voted off, we’re just as sad. You know, so we’re very much in the emotions with them.

Ben Crofchick: And it’s … it’s true, because you know us opening the case, we’re the first one to see the dollar amount as well. So, you know, we [are] being part of the show. We’re also fans of the show, so having to open a case that might be heartbreaking to someone is never … is never the easiest thing.

Kamari Love: No. It’s not.

Ben Crofchick: And, just so you know, we also have bats flying around, there’s howling monkeys in the trees. So, I mean, the vibes are everywhere and all over the place.

Kamari Love: Yes! We’re trying to be professional with the bugs crawling on our legs. We’re like, ‘Don’t move. Don’t move. Be cool.’

Ben Crofchick: A lot of emotions.

How Kamari and Ben feel about the contestants

Deal or No Deal Island cast
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Kim Stempel: What would surprise viewers the most about the show?

Ben Crofchick: I would say, for it being, you know, Season 1, how smoothly everything went. I mean, we had such a smooth running for a Season 1 show. Yeah. And on an island that’s kind of unforgiving, and it’s new to everybody. I think for it to be kind of as flawless as it was, I don’t know. I think it might be unheard of how perfect it went. So, we were all very happy about that.

Kamari Love: Yes. Absolutely. And I love the mix of contestants that they chose, too. It was just such great different energies and different dynamics that came together. You really fall in love with all the contestants and I thought that they did a great job at that.

Kim Stempel: They did. They picked someone that everyone can root for.

Kamari Love: Yes. Absolutely.

Ben Crofchick: For sure.

Kim Stempel: Did you get to have a lot of interaction with the contestants?

Kamari Love: We did not, actually. We barely got to interact with them. Which was tough but also, you know. made it exciting for us as well. So, we got to get really cool with them kind of post [the] show but that was tough.

Ben Crofchick: Definitely.

What were Ben and Kamari’s favorite part of being on the show?

Kamari Love Ben Crofchick
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Kim Stempel: And what was your favorite part of being on Deal or No Deal Island?

Ben Crofchick: I mean, I think I can speak for me and Kamari on the fact that it’s just such a new show, and me and Kamari got to kind of be the first briefcase models to adapt to this brand-new show and be the first to open these brand new cases on a brand new island. That’s something we can take with us forever. So, I mean for me, it’s definitely … it’s been an honor.

Kamari Love: Absolutely. And we’re both from the South, so it was cool to bring some Southern roots to a new show [and] to a different island.

Ben Crofchick: That’s true. That’s true.

Kamari Love: Mixing it up. Keeping it sassy.

How Ben and Kamari felt about the original Deal or No Deal

Ben Crofchick
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Kim Stempel: Ben, what did it feel like to be the first male model who is a series regular?

Ben Crofchick: I mean for me, growing up watching the show and knowing it’s always been just, you know, female briefcase models, when I started the modeling journey, I didn’t really think I’d be the first to do anything. You know, I just thought I’d kind of go with the flow of the modeling industry.

So, to be the first briefcase model on a show as iconic as Deal or No Deal [Island], it’s really just been an honor, and to do it with a team like NBC, you know, I’m thankful for it because they’ve just been so amazing and professional. So, I love it. I love that I get to do it, and I’m hoping for many more seasons to come.

Kim Stempel: I know. Fingers crossed! And Kamari, were you a fan of [the original] Deal or No Deal?

Kamari Love: Yes. Absolutely. I watched it back in junior high and high school, so when they had all the briefcase models, and Howie [Mandel] was doing his thing.

So, it was just the coolest thing ever when this opportunity came across, and, you know, to be able to … book it, is just such an honor because coming behind Claudia Jordan and Meghan Markle as the people who really created a career and like really paved the way for the future models is just huge. I honestly feel so honored and so grateful to have the opportunity.

What are Kamari and Ben’s future goals?

Kamari Love with Joe Manganiello
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Kim Stempel: Do you have any acting experience or aspirations?

Kamari Love: Yes. Absolutely. I plan on hopefully winning Oscars, truthfully. Acting is my main thing, but what I loved about Deal or No Deal [Island] was this was an opportunity for me to not be in character and for me to just be myself and present myself, which was such a plot twist for me. I never considered, you know, having an opportunity like this. So, it was truly a really great, random thing to have happen for me and [I’m] just running with it. I’m super excited to see where it goes from here.

Kim Stempel: What about you, Ben?

Ben Crofchick: I’ve had a few little acting moments throughout my career that’s kind of piqued my interest with it. So, being able to hop on Deal or No Deal [Island], same thing. Show some character and show my personality on camera. It’s definitely sparked more of an interest so it’s something I’m definitely looking forward to pursuing you know from here on out.

And Kamari’s definitely going to win an Oscar one day.

Kim Stempel: Yay!

Kamari Love: Thanks, Ben. Received!

This interview was edited for conciseness and clarity.

Deal or No Deal Island continues on Monday, April 8 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.


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