Ex-Girlfriend Accuses Herschel Walker of Violent Behavior

Herschel Walker Ex - Credit: Megan Varner/Getty Images
Herschel Walker Ex - Credit: Megan Varner/Getty Images

Republican Georgia Senate Candidate Herschel Walker’s campaign has been defined by a series of bizarre lies and scandals regarding his personal life.

Days before the Trump-endorsed Republican’s runoff with incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock, new details have emerged regarding Walker’s history of domestic abuse, infidelity, and volatile behavior. In an extensive interview with The Daily Beast, Cheryl Parsa, one of Walker’s ex-girlfriends, recounted her experiences over the course of their five-year relationship, alleging that Walker displayed violent behavior towards her and used his Disassociative Personality Disorder diagnosis as a shield against accountability for his actions. The new allegations echo a pattern established by other women romantically involved with the former NFL star who spoke to The Daily Beast.

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Parsa alleges that in 2005 Walker flew into a rage after she caught him with another woman in his home. “I thought he was going to beat me,” Parsa said. “His massive hands were on my chest and throat,” then “I saw a fist flying toward me. As I ducked down, he hit the wall beside my head and staggered backwards toward the bedroom, saying, ‘COME ON! I’M GONNA SHOW YOU WHAT A MAN IS!’” Parsa said that she could hear Walker beating the walls of the bedroom “repeatedly and with force” as the other woman unsuccessfully tried to calm him.

Walker’s history of domestic violence dates back to long before he ever sought elected office. He was accused by his ex-wife Cindy Grossman of domestic abuse during their relationship, including threatening to shoot and kill her, during their 2001 divorce. Grossman sought a protective order against Walker in 2005. Other women’s allegations against Walker corroborate a pattern of abusive behavior.

In 2002 a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader contacted police, believing that Walker was lurking outside of her Irving home. The woman alleged that Walker had told her he was “having her house watched,” and had made threatening phone calls to her. In a similar 2012 incident, a woman named Myka Dean contacted Irving police alleging that Walker had threatened to wait for her outside her apartment and “blow her head off.” Dean told law enforcement that the threat was made after she attempted to end their more than 20 year sporadic relationship.

The Daily Beast spoke to multiple other women who had affairs or relationships with Walker, several of whom echoed Parsa’s experiences.

“One year, he had three Christmases,” one woman recounted. “He was with Cheryl [Parsa] Christmas Eve, [another woman] Christmas Day, and he flew to see me on the 26th.” The woman recounted Walker sleeping in her car for four nights when he arrived unannounced to her New England home because she “didn’t want him in my house.”

Two women previously revealed to The Daily Beast that Walker, now posturing as an opponent to abortion rights, pressured them into aborting pregnancies resulting from their relationships. One of the women gave birth to Walker’s youngest son despite him pressuring her to seek a second termination, a child who’s existence Walker denied until revealed by The Daily Beast.

Walker has long pinned his behavior on his diagnosis with Dissociative Personality Disorder (known colloquially as Multiple Personality Disorder). Walker has detailed his struggles in his book Breaking Free, and claims his mental health issues are long resolved.

Parsa estimated that Walker had somewhere around 20 “alters” or distinct personalities, and The Daily Beast notes that Walker himself has indicated he had about 12, pointing to a 2013 interview with Sports Spectrum in which Walker said he needed treatment because he had “personalities that do a lot of things,” including “a guy who wanted to kill someone.”

Walker is one runoff away from a seat in the U.S. senate. The candidate failed to secure the 50-percent majority required for an outright victory in the midterm elections, trailing Warnock by a little less than 40,000 votes. Walker’s campaign has struggled to outrun the revelations about Walker’s treatment of his partners and family, and has also been marked by a series of bizarre statements and lies from the candidate.

Walker falsely claimed he had graduated from the University of Georgia and touted nonexistent careers within the FBI and military (He also flashed a prop law enforcement badge at his debate with Warnock).

Despite posturing as a family man and denouncing absentee fathers throughout his campaign, some of those who were close to Walker throughout his life don’t want to see him elected into office. Walker’s eldest son, Christian who works as a conservative influencer, unloaded on his father in an October video posted on Twitter. “Every family member of Herschel Walker asked him not to run for office,” Christian said. “Every single one. He decided to give us the middle finger and air out all of his dirty laundry in public, while simultaneously lying about it.”

Parsa echoed the sentiment, telling The Daily Beast that Walker “cannot” be a senator.“He cannot have control over a state when he has little to no control of his mind,” she said.

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