Is Your Ex Bugging You? Calgary Zoo Helps Out With Quirky Valentine's Day Fundraiser

A Canadian zoo is hoping to mend broken hearts this Valentine’s Day by allowing people to name bugs after their exes before they are fed to the zoo’s insect-eating animals.

“Getting over a relationship this Valentine’s Day?” Alberta’s Calgary Zoo asked on Facebook, alongside a video of panther chameleons feasting on insects. “Name a bug after someone you’d rather forget and have the satisfaction of seeing it gulped down by a hungry chameleon (or other insect-eater)!”

The zoo was seeking minimum donations of $15 “to receive a personal Valentine and watch as some of these creepy crawlies get eaten by our meerkat mob.”

The fundraiser, called Bugs or Bouquets, also offered “bouquets” of vegetables and leafy greens to be donated to other animals, such as hippos, for a minimum contribution of $50, according to the zoo’s website. Credit: Calgary Zoo/Scottie Potter via Storyful