Ewan McGregor's 'T2' Press Tour Skips Piers Morgan Interview Over Women's March Comments

Ewan McGregor is currently doing a press tour for T2: Trainspotting, the anticipated sequel to the 1996 classic Trainspotting. McGregor was scheduled to talk about it on Good Morning Britain but wound up canceling.

Ewan McGregor as Renton in 'T2: Trainspotting' (Credit: Tristar/Sony Pictures)
Ewan McGregor as Renton in T2: Trainspotting. (Credit: Tristar/Sony Pictures)

On Saturday, Jan. 21, an estimated 3 million people participated in the Women’s March on Washington and its sister marches, a global protest against President Donald Trump. Piers Morgan, known in the U.S. mostly as the would-be-but-wasn’t replacement for Larry King on CNN, weighed in:

Morgan also wrote an article for the Daily Mail criticizing Madonna and Ashley Judd’s comments. “This was nasty women being nasty, whipped into a man-hating frenzy by some very nasty women on a stage,” he wrote.

It’s unclear what exact comments upset McGregor, but he wound up canceling his appearance on GMB because of them:

Morgan took issue with this and tweeted dozens of critical things about McGregor. He also complained on Good Morning Britain. “I don’t force my opinions on other people; I offer mine and I argue,” he insisted. “Come and debate it. Don’t just don’t turn up. Anyway, big shame. So I’m very sorry, because of my views on the Women’s March, not meeting Ewan McGregor’s, he will not be with us this morning, which is kind of bizarre and unique. But there we are.”

Morgan wrote another article slamming McGregor: “…by refusing to be interviewed by me simply because I have a different opinion about a political march, McGregor revealed himself to be a narrow-minded, stupendously self-aggrandising, anti-democratic little twerp,” Morgan wrote.

Thus far, McGregor has left his comments to that one tweet.

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