The evolving looks of 'Star Trek' crews from 'The Original Series' to 'Discovery'

·Senior Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Star Trek: Discovery, which premiered on CBS and CBS All Access on Sept. 24,is the sixth live action Star Trek series that seeks to transport audiences to a better, brighter future. But the franchise’s depiction of said future has evolved significantly over its 50-year and counting history on television, sometimes causing older iterations of Trek to look more like museum pieces rather than glimpses of the world of tomorrow. To illustrate how the look of Star Trek has changed from The Original Series to Discovery, click through the above gallery featuring members of the various Trek crews over the years and decades for evidence of their ever-changing uniforms and alien makeup. And keep in mind, this is in production order rather than Trek timeline order, which is why the prequel series, Star Trek: Enterprise, looks more futuristic than The Original Series.

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