Everything You (Urgently) Need to Know About Travis Kelce's Whole Entire Family

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All About Travis Kelce's Whole Entire FamilyPatrick Smith - Getty Images
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Taylor Swift is dating Travis Kelce, man who before five minutes ago many of us knew as simply a nice mustache on the TV at our uncle's house during the Super Bowl. But now here we are: buying Chiefs merch, canceling our Sunday night plans, rolling our eyes at the NFL's extreme thirst, and wasting our hard-earned money on Heinz's Ketchup and Seemingly Ranch. In other words:

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Does the Tom Hiddleston era really count at this point??? Help.

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Alexa, play “...Ready for It?”

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Correction: screaming!

Naturally, we—and I'm speaking for all of us here—are already experts on Travis Kelce. His dating history? Did a deep dive. His reality show Catching Kelce? Watched every episode. However, Taylor isn't merely dating Travis—she appears to be getting to know his mom and the rest of his fam (and even his sister-in-law, Kylie Kelce) so the time has come to follow in her footsteps! On that note, here's what you need to know about Travis' family—including his super-famous brother.*

*Note: If you're already a football fan and know all about the Kelces, remember: This article is for the uninitiated!

Donna Kelce: Travis' Mom

Donna is whatever the football equivalent of a soccer mom is (football mom, I guess); She's at all of Travis' games, she's dressed head-to-toe in merch, and even watched him host SNL in 2023. TL;DR: she's his number one fan.

She's also been spending time with Taylor Swift and has reportedly given her stamp of approval.

A source recently told the Daily Mail, "Donna is a mom's mom and only wants the best for her kids. She is enjoying all that is happening with her kids and the residual effect it has had on her life, she's in her 70s and is just having fun seeing her kids do so well, being in commercials, and being the most beloved person in the Kelce family, especially during game days."

That same source also said that "she thinks that Taylor is as lovely of a person as one could be. She wants Travis to be happy, and Taylor has been such an amazing person to Donna and they both have a genuine affection for each other. Donna speaks very highly of Taylor and has given the stamp of approval to Travis when it comes to his pick on who to date. Donna is looking forward to getting to know Taylor more and more."

FYI before we move on: Donna grew up in Cleveland and was the first member of her family to graduate from college! Love that for her.

Ed Kelce: Travis' Dad

Like Donna, Travis' dad Ed also grew up in Cleveland, where he met Donna and captured her heart with THIS pickup line: "He came up to me with the illustrious, I guess, pickup line, 'Did you say Joe?' And I said, 'No.' And he said, 'Oh I thought you said Joe.' I said, 'Is your name Joe?' And he went, 'No, it's Ed.'"

Ed and Donna are no longer married, but they remain close friends—which they chatted about on their kids' podcast, New Heights:

Ed also explained in a documentary about the Kelce family that “If we had split as we probably both would have preferred, that would have been a nightmare with the logistics, getting kids where they had to be and providing all the support.”

These days Ed lives in the Philadelphia area so he can be close to his grandkids, which brings us to:

Jason Kelce: Travis' Brother

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Tim Nwachukwu - Getty Images

Before he retired in March 2024, Jason played for the Philadelphia Eagles. Which, yes, means he and Travis played against each other during the 2023 Super Bowl. But on top of being a famous football player and hosting his podcast with Travis, Jason can be found trolling his brother over his very public dating life. Like, this man WOULD NOT STOP telling basically anyone who asked about Travis and Taylor's relationship status, to the point where Travis playfully called him out.

As Travis put it, "He's obviously been having a whole lot of fun since that, and he's still having fun, and then not even a week later telling everyone it's 100 percent true. I mean the guy is absolutely ridiculous, can't stay out of the fricken headlines.."

But obviously, the brothers are extremely close and love each other, etc etc:

Jason is married and has three cute kids, which brings us to:

Kylie Kelce (neé McDevitt): Travis' Sister-in-Law

Travis and Kylie met on a dating app and fell hard, and honestly, you need to watch this video of their adorable proposal story:

Plus this video all about their first date:

Kylie and Travis have three daughters, and they're basically the cutest lil' family ever:

And there you have it! You're ready for game day.

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