Everything to Know About 'Winter House' Season 2

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Kyle Cook, Paige Desorbo, Austen Kroll, Craig COnover, Jason Cameron, Julia McGuire, Ciara Miller, Gabrielle Kniery, Lindsay Hubbard, Amanda Batula
Kyle Cook, Paige Desorbo, Austen Kroll, Craig COnover, Jason Cameron, Julia McGuire, Ciara Miller, Gabrielle Kniery, Lindsay Hubbard, Amanda Batula

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Grab your puffer coats — Winter House is back for season 2 with major drama in store.

It's been nearly a year since viewers first watched what happens when Bravo combines cast members from two popular franchises — Summer House and Southern Charm — for a winter escape. The highly anticipated second season is set to return on Oct. 13, 2022, and thanks to the newly released trailer, we finally have a sneak peek of what's to come.

From newcomers entering the house to stable relationships being tested, there's plenty to look forward to when the series returns. Season 1 cast members Amanda Batula, Jason Cameron, Craig Conover, Kyle Cooke, Paige DeSorbo, Luke Gulbranson, Austen Kroll and Ciara Miller are all back in Vermont, along with new faces like Conover's fraternity brother Kory Keefer, real estate agent Jessica Stocker and Rachel Clark. Fans will even get to see two of their favorites from another Bravo franchise join the crew, as Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz from Vanderpump Rules make a special guest appearance.

If the first look is any indication, the gang manages to find plenty of time to instigate old feuds and ignite new flings between hitting the slopes in Stowe, Vermont.

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What will Winter House season 2 be about?

Cast of Winter House Season 2
Cast of Winter House Season 2

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The snow bunnies have returned and brought "bad decisions" for season 2 of Winter House. As soon as the cameras start rolling, the drama commences. Some housemates are coupled up and off the market, planning on spending the two-week vacation with their significant other. Others, meanwhile, are single and ready to mingle.

"The girls in the house, have no idea, but I'm kinda pursuing all of them at this point," newbie Kory Keefer revealed during a confessional in the trailer.

New faces are spicing things up, and one cast member — Keefer — has everyone swooning over him. At the same time, old faces are picking up where we left off in season 1 with impending arguments and unfinished business.

Over two snow-filled weeks, relationships are tested, tempers are fueled and somebody departs from the house for the first time in franchise history.

Which cast members are returning to Winter House season 2?

Cast of Winter House Season 2
Cast of Winter House Season 2

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Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula, who exchanged vows in September 2021, are returning for season 2 and appear to be fully loved up after their recent nuptials. Despite what viewers have seen in previous seasons of Summer House and Winter House, the pair seem to be in a great place, with Cooke stating in the trailer, "I'm in the honeymoon stage."

Summer House's OGs Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard are set to appear on Winter House season 2 as special guests — and as an official couple. However, Hubbard's former fling Jason Cameron is also returning, and the trailer teases a look at the pair's conversation following their split and pregnancy loss after season 1.

Summer House star Paige Desorbo is also returning, alongside her boyfriend, Craig Conover, whom she started dating in 2021 after they developed a friendship while filming season 1.

"This will be the longest Paige, and I have spent together," Conover said in the trailer.

"I'm not used to living with a boyfriend. I'm f------ terrified," Desorbo added.

Conover is also seen losing his cool more than once in the sneak peek, including one tense moment where he threatens to throw returning cast member Luke Gulbranson through a window, with Gulbranson instigating him to "do it."

Sparks also fly between Ciara Miller and Austen Kroll, though, unlike last season, they don't seem to be the romantic kind. Miller and Kroll are seen arguing in the trailer, with Miller sharing that all Kroll does is "put her in weird situations."

On July 21, 2022, Kroll visited the Bravo Clubhouse for an episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, where he dished on season 2 of Winter House, "I mean, there are plenty of things that I wish that I could say and could have done. Did not go back for another weekend [on Summer House], but I feel like Winter House 2 is kind of, you know, the next chapter of that saga … my story with that group. So that's kind of what Winter House 2 was about for me, that next step."

Who are the newcomers on Winter House season 2?

Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval attend DailyMail.com and TMX opening celebration of Schwartz & Sandy's on July 19, 2022 in Los Angeles, California
Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval attend DailyMail.com and TMX opening celebration of Schwartz & Sandy's on July 19, 2022 in Los Angeles, California

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Viewers can expect a Vanderpump Rules crossover during Winter House season 2, with Tom Sandavol making an appearance with his best friend, Tom Schwartz.

The trailer teased the duo's arrival in Vermont, with Sandavol saying, "Dude, how crazy is this f------ house?" and Schwartz responding, "I think I have alcohol poisoning."

Schwartz also addressed his looming divorce with Katie Maloney while speaking with Cooke and Batula. After Cooke asked, "Where are you and Katie right now?" Schwartz shared, "I just can't imagine my life without her."

Other newcomers include Conover's friend Keefer, the new "heartthrob" of the house. According to Cooke, Keefer's arrival also means trouble since Conover is "essentially his role model."

Rachel Clark, the florist who came to the rescue last minute with arrangements for Cooke and Batula's wedding, is also joining the cast. And though Clark says she's single and "ready for some fun," it appears she might have her eyes set on Cameron, as they're seen locking lips in the preview.

Another newbie in Vermont is Jessica Stocker, a real estate agent who's ready to spice things up in Stowe. "I've always been very sexually curious," she says in the trailer.

Who will not be returning to Winter House season 2?

Andrea Denver, Gabrielle Kniery
Andrea Denver, Gabrielle Kniery

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Past members of the winter crew that we won't be seeing on our television screens include Julia McGuire, Andrea Denver and Gabrielle Kniery. Denver spoke with E! News about why he won't return to Winter House and said it's because of his serious relationship.

"I had other things that I feel need my [attention]," he said. "I think I got back with a person that I really wanted and like I, said it was a really long run to win her back, so I feel like that was more something I wanted to focus on, and I prefer to sit back."

When did production for Winter House season 2 begin?

Conover seemingly hinted that filming was underway on Instagram in March 2022. He shared a selfie of him, Kroll, Gulbranson and Cooke in a snowy location with the caption, "Thursdays are for the bois."

That same month, Batula posted a video of her and Miller singing and a clip of her and Cooke relaxing in a chilly setting.

When will Winter House season 2 premiere?

Mark your calendars: Winter House season 2 is set to return on Thursday, Oct. 13, 2022, at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo. In the meantime, the show's first season is available to stream on Peacock.