Everything We Know About Prince William's Coronation Plans (Because Yes, He's Already Planning)

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Prince William is already planning his coronation—and before you summon your most judgmental side-eye, this is actually pretty normal. Major royal events take years to plan, so they like to think ahead...to the point where most of them have already planned their own funerals. As a result, we, the people, are privy to a few details about Prince William's eventual 👑 takeover. Here's what we know.

William's Coronation Will Be a Modern Affair

King Charles's coronation was 84 million years long, featured some of the most intense and hilarious costumes totally normal outfits we've ever seen, was potentially haunted by a Grim Reaper, and was steeped in tradition. Genuinely, half the chants and musings were completely incomprehensible to a contemporary audience. But rejoice, we won't have to suffer through something like this again, because apparently Wills wants to change things up!

Royal sources confirm to People that William's ceremony will be "relevant" (wow, rude to Charles) as well as decidedly more modern.

“He’s taking stock, he’s thinking ‘that was a supreme success and it was because Pa altered things," a source tells The Times. "'I’ve got to be cognizant of how that evolution happens in my day. What is it that stays? What do I need to change? What will our relationships with the realms and the Commonwealth be then?’ I don’t think he’ll be taking the filleting knife to it, but he will be checking it is sharp.”

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He's Ditching the "Homage of the People"

According to The Guardian, the "homage of the people" involves the general public swearing allegiance to the monarch as well as their "heirs and successors." Like, literally, everyone at King Charles's coronation was initially expected to say "I swear that I will pay true allegiance to your majesty and to your heirs and successors, according to law. So help me God.”

Charles ended up toning this down, while Prince William plans to reject it completely. As a source put it to The Times, "There is no way he will go down that route or anything like it.”

their majesties king charles iii and queen camilla coronation day
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William Wants His Coronation to Be "Different"

This coronation is not like other girls!

A source close to William says “He is really thinking, how do we make his coronation feel most relevant in the future? He is mindful of the fact that in 20 years’ time, or whenever his time comes, how can the coronation be modern but also unifying to the nation and the Commonwealth? I think his coronation will look and feel quite different.”

The source adds that it's important this William's coronation "evolves to be relevant whenever it happens.”

It'll Take Place at Westminster Abbey

As is tradition! William is "committed" to being crowned at Westminster Abbey, which is where every single coronation has been held since 1066 (aka when William the Conqueror was crowned).

their majesties king charles iii and queen camilla coronation day
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He Will Be Known as King William V

Has a nice ring to it, I guess!

Prince Harry Might Not Be Invited

According to royal reporter Roya Nikkah, Prince Harry likely won't be invited to William's coronation—at least if it's anytime in the next few years. “If, god forbid, we were to have another coronation in the next few years, would Harry be there? I don’t think William would invite him," she says. "And I don’t think Harry would come. That’s an extraordinary thing, isn’t it?”

their majesties king charles iii and queen camilla coronation day
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Being King Is Causing Prince William Anxiety

In an opinion piece for the New York Times, former Vanity Fair editor-in-chief Tina Brown writes, “The almost simultaneous news of Charles’s cancer has put William and Catherine in frightening proximity to ascending the throne just when they had hoped for a span of years to parent their children out of the public eye. The prospect of it, I am told, is causing them intense anxiety.”

Welp. That's everything we know about Prince William's coronation, but rest assured we'll keep this updated with the latest!

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