Everything We Know About the 'Barbie' Movie: Release Date, New Trailer, Cast, Soundtrack and More

Whew! July 21st is going to be a hell of a day to go to the theater between Barbie and Oppenheimer—might have to be a double movie day if your about that life. The hype surrounding Margot Robbie's new Barbie movie is unlike anything we've seen in recent year—particularly for a movie that's based on a... doll. The chaos on TikTok has already started, the search for clues and hidden meanings (which is something that we'll cover later) is in full effect, and, well, people are counting the days until this ultimate summer jam of a movie gets released. We know you're ready to party like Barbie (or accompany your girl to the party), so let's get into everything you need to know about the film thus far, including the release date, cast, trailer (a new trailer!) and more.

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When is the 'Barbie' movie release date?

Image credit: Warner Bros.

As we just mentioned, Barbie comes out on July 21st, and even though Matt Damon called off the war between Oppenheimer and Barbie, we know deep down inside that there's still going to be a slight opening weekend battle between the two.

Who's playing Barbie?

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Duh. That would be Margot Robbie. It should be noted that Amy Schumer originally landed the role of Barbie in 2014, but dropped out of the project a few years later ending with Robbie getting the role in 2019. Needless to say, this project has been in the making for almost a decade now.

Who's playing Ken?

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That would be the handsome Ryan Gosling who's taking on the role of the gorgeous Barbie's beau Ken. Ryan seems to be the perfect Ken as he sports bleach blonde hair, six-pack abs (which he makes sure to show with his beach shirt), and a bright smile of course.

On April 4th, we got teaser trailer number 2, which was the first official full-length trailer for the movie. In it we got the now iconic first shot of Robbie stepping into her furry pink heels, and an exploration into the magical world that is Barbieland.

The New Trailer for 'Barbie'

Now we're on to the main trailer that just came out today, which shows Barbie walking in those pink furry heels she stepped into on the second teaser, and more shots of Barbieland. We also see Ken asking Barbie if he can come over to her house in the evening to which Barbie says "Sure! I don't have anything planned. Just a giant blowout party with all the Barbies, and planned choreography. You should stop by!" How does Ken respond you ask? "So Cool!" Seems like the perfect couple if you ask us.

Who else is in the 'Barbie' cast?

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An ensemble cast that features Dua Lipa, Issa Rae, America Ferrera, Simu Lu, and plenty more because if you're going to do a Barbie movie, you've gotta do it big.

Some behind the scenes pics:

Here's a few that you could potentially make your desktop screensaver (is that still a thing?). You could also add these to your Pinterest. Thank us later.

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Image credit: Warner Bros.

Image credit: Warner Bros.

Once again, Barbie will hit theaters on July 21st. Will you be there?