Everything you need to know about the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L

Compared to the standard, two-row Grand Cherokee — which doesn’t see its next-gen updates until the 2022 model year — the new L expands in multiple ways to accommodate the extra row of seating and all-around more space. It’s 15 inches longer overall than the current two-row Grand Cherokee, with an additional 6.9 inches of wheelbase. Maximum cargo volume is 84.6 cubic feet, up from 68.3 cubic feet in the current two-row Grand Cherokee. Weight, however, hasn’t increased by as much as you’d think. The Grand Cherokee L’s curb weight starts at 4,524 pounds in the Laredo 4x2, and reaches 5,279 pounds in the V8-powered Summit 4x4. That compares to the 2021 Grand Cherokee Laredo’s 4,513 pounds and the V8 Summit’s 5,258 pounds, which is about the difference of one well-fed house cat.