Everyone Is Putting Baby Yoda on Top of Their Christmas Trees This Year

Andrea Towers
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Holiday gatherings are looking different this year due to the ongoing pandemic, but at least we can still decorate Christmas trees. In such a volatile year, it’s important to appreciate the little (or the baby) things — which may be why Baby Yoda has become the unofficial Christmas tree topper of 2020.

Indeed, the adorable, 50-year-old toddler alien has been a balm of positivity this year. Even though “The Mandalorian” fans were recently thrown by the revelation that Baby Yoda’s real name is Grogu, that doesn’t take away his charms. And as it turns out, he also looks really cute hanging atop a Christmas tree, lording over a bunch of ornaments and lights.

Folks on social media started sharing their Baby Yoda tree topper pics a couple weeks ago, spurred by a tweet that showed Grogu looking perfectly handsome in his elevated spot. And with the holidays approaching, the love for Grogu’s Christmas spirit has gained traction and has even become a Twitter moment.

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Most people are using the official “Mandalorian” toys or plushes as their tree toppers, but some fans added their own personal touches by crafting homemade decorations.

OMG!!! the cutest🥺🥺i make lil crochet babies and simply had to have him, of course (found a much better pistachio/dusky green to use after the first attempt!) ✨💚https://t.co/y8RgQXrl1S pic.twitter.com/kdu1FdLf5X

— emma nalbantov🌼🍓 (@etn2558) December 7, 2020

For others, putting Baby Yoda on top of the tree wasn’t enough — he had to also pose for a photo op with a toy version of Grogu.

Omg I love it! Here's mine. pic.twitter.com/wiT6K6oHpU

— Adele O' Ghoul🖤 (@_cami_27) December 7, 2020

Below, see more examples of how everyone’s favorite Child is taking over Christmas. Dare we say this new tradition might be an annual thing, even after COVID is over? We certainly hope so.

Nothing quite says Christmas like a Yoda tree topper! pic.twitter.com/dKMiIG3p08

— Dale (@Dale_MUFC_) December 10, 2020

Baby Yoda has a purpose this year! He was chosen to become the Christmas tree topper. #babyyoda #TheMandalorian#Christmas pic.twitter.com/Uk7HY8H1cD

— ℍ𝕐𝔻ℝ𝔸 𝕎𝔸ℝ𝕊𝕋𝔸ℝ𝟡𝟛 🦁 (@WARSTAR93) December 8, 2020

Had a similar idea… pic.twitter.com/sW0szaZ99q

— Luke Cogliano (@LukeWithAnL) December 7, 2020

😍😍😍 baby yoda Christmas tree toppers pic.twitter.com/nB0NeNYIUG

— Lanreu (@Lorenzo90) December 7, 2020

Baby Yoda & Kermit as our tree topper. #HawksleyNightInCanada pic.twitter.com/iQjBO7G6Au

— Empress Magnificent (@Swerty) December 12, 2020

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