Flavor Flav's Performance Of The National Anthem Is Blowing Up The Internet In Good And Bad Ways

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In American history, there are a few iconically *bad* National Anthem performances.

A woman with American flags reflected in her eyes
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

There's Carl Lewis from 1993 where he literally said "uh oh" when he didn't hit the note.

There's Roseanne's terribly awful one from 1990.

And there's, of course, Fergie's legendary 2018 performance I will never, ever forget.

Now that, that was history.

Twitter: @thinds42

There's a new one to add to the list, and it's Flavor Flav at the Milwaukee Bucks game on Sunday.

A closeup of Flavor Flav
Gary Dineen / NBAE via Getty Images

Here it is:

Twitter: @Bucks

Some people hated it.

Twitter: @Triiiga_Trey

Other people loved it.

NBA/ Twitter: @Blakeley_Love

"Move over Whitney," one person said.

NBA/ Twitter: @ThePalaceOfJake

"Hang this up in the Louvre," another said.

NBA/ Twitter: @Legzzzy

Ultimately, I think we all can agree on one thing: We need a Flav and Fergie collab ASAP.

NBA/ Twitter: @hope__nichols