Everyone Behind the Reality Von Tease Instagram Account

(Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images)
(Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images)

The ladies on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City took us all on a wild ride for Season 4, amiright? Especially that ending. Here, Heather Gay outed Monica Garcia as being behind a Real Housewives gossip account, Reality Von Tease. At first, Monica denied her involvement with this Finsta, but as the accusations flew, she finally owned up to being one of the players behind this secret blogging account.

On a preview clip for the final reunion episode airing on Bravo, Monica yells at Heather and Lisa Barlow to “shut the f*ck up. Your hair girls, [are] Reality Von Tease. It’s six people.” Shortly after, a few of these hidden parties began to reveal themselves. Despite Monica’s number of six, these new names are claiming that there were actually only five people who were initially behind this account.

Originally, this page aimed to out Jen Shah’s shadiness. Therefore, most of the gossip posted centered around Jen’s deceptive business practices. Turns out, all five of these creators either allegedly worked for, or knew of Jen in some capacity over the years. Now that Jen is in prison for fraud, the lips are a-loosening, and the tea is a-spilling.

We love tea, so we dug around a bit and discovered four out of five of these bloggers’ identities. Regarding suspect number five, we know that their name is Savannah. However, we cannot be sure (yet) on the spelling of their first name, their last name, or even if this person is one of the “hair girls” that Monica suggested. As for the others, here are the four known bloggers involved in the Reality Von Tease Instagram account.

Monica Garcia

Now that the this secret is out, Monica is owning it, mostly. Online, Monica posted an image of herself with a newspaper, because she’s Gossip Girl 2.0 famous you guys. “Sometimes people try to destroy you, precisely because they recognize your power—not because they don’t see it, but because they see it and they don’t want it to exist,” she typed. The newspaper in her hands has “warming my hands on bridges I’ve burned” written across it.

While we don’t know Monica’s full role just yet, we do know what she said once she was accused on-air. After the RHOSLC ladies confronted her about running Reality Von Tease, Monica responded, “That’s not true…entirely.” To explain, Monica admitted that her words meant that she was involved, but that she wasn’t the only person.

Monica also stressed that her only motive was to expose Jen, not to cause harm to her new co-stars. As for further details, clips for next week’s reunion show Monica explaining this Finsta account more in-depth. You can guarantee that we will be all ears when Monica speaks.

Tenesha Luckett

Tenesha Luckett is one of the “hair girls” whose name was dropped in the Season 4 finale. Both Heather and Monica know Tenesha well, as she is Heather’s hairstylist while also a former friend of Monica’s. According to Heather, Tenesha began to feel conflicted about her involvement with this gossip account, so she confessed everything, sending Heather some of her “receipts, proof, timelines, screenshots” used to take Monica down during the finale.

Quickly, Monica threw Tenesha under the bus, claiming that Tenesha was the person who had originally started this account. This seemed to surprise Heather. But then, Tenesha entered the chat, saying that Monica “lies through her teeth.” Basically, Tenesha created this Instagram page solely to track her “baby daddy,” but when Monica and her fellow Shah coworkers needed a place to shade Jen, Tenesha came through.

After changing the name on her Finsta, Tenesha gave this group access to her page. At that point, Tenesha claims that she “logged out.” From there, “Monica changed the password,” and began posting. That said, this hairstylist in the hot seat does admit to helping out with “the captions and stuff like that” on Reality Von Tease.

Koa Johnson

Koa Johnson was Jen’s clothing designer during RHOSLC Season 1. The pair had a volatile relationship though, as leaked audio clips proved. Not shockingly, these surfaced first on Reality Von Tease. Here, Jen could be heard berating Koa, saying, “I’m going to beat the sh*t outta you in like two seconds.”

As for the Reality Von Tease Instagram account, Koa explained that “it started in February of 2020, and it involved 5 people. I know that Monica at the reunion said that there was 6, which there was a sixth person, but, as far as the group texts, and the active involvement in Reality Von Tease, and posting all those things, there was just 5 of us. This included myself, Monica, Tenesha, Paulina, and Savannah.”

As for Tenesha’s claims that she wasn’t super active, Koa says that “she was very much involved.” On his part, Koa is just fine outing himself as one of the Reality Von Tease bloggers.

Paulina Lovato

Paulina Lovato is “holding space for accountability, vulnerability and transparency because no one is collateral damage.” She is now our final known Reality Von Tease blogger. As she just posted, “to be silent is to be complicit.” So here Paulina goes, spilling her tea.

Just like Koa, Paulina states that only “5 individuals” were “initially involved,” and that this account was “created to bring to light an unhealthy and abusive work environment. However, this account “quickly shifted into a source of gossip, toxicity, and recklessness.” Therefore, Paulina claims that she ended her involvement in September 2021. She also praised Tenesha, saying that despite Monica’s claims, Tenesha “did not have a larger role” than any of the other bloggers who were posting alongside her via Reality Von Tease.

This Reality Von Tease Scandal is wild, no?


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