Every actor on 'Stranger Things' wants more screen time with David Harbour (Sheriff Hopper)

“Who doesn’t love David Harbour?” is the question we’re asking after Yahoo Entertainment attended the red carpet for the premiere of Stranger Things 2 last week. We asked several stars of the show who they would like to share more screen time with, and the man who plays Sheriff Jim Hopper has clearly made a good impression on his costars.

“Hopper,” answered Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin Henderson) almost immediately. “I think I’d definitely pick Hopper. I really love the way David portrays the character. I love David — he’s such a cool guy. If I wasn’t Dustin, I’d want to be Hopper.”

“I’d like to have some more scenes with Joyce (Winona Ryder),” said Cara Buono (Mrs. Wheeler). “They’re just so different. And Hopper. I’d like to see what’s going on with Sheriff Hopper.”

“Billy doesn’t have much interaction with the older cast,” Dacre Montgomery pointed out before picking names that should be familiar to you by now. “Wynona and David, Paul. They’re such brilliant actors.”

I mean, how can you not love Hopper? (Photo: Netflix)
I mean, how can you not love Hopper? (Photo: Netflix)

Of course, this couldn’t just be one big lovefest for David Harbour alone. Other cast members peppered in some other folks they’d like to spend more time with.

“Dustin,” said Linnea Berthelsen (Kali). “He’s great. He’s amazing. I love the character. He’s developing very well in Season 2.”

“If I could, I would spend more time with Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) onscreen,” added fellow cast newcomer Sadie Sink (Max). “Millie and I are really close, so that would be nice to see.”

“Mike (Finn Wolfhard), my sweet little brother,” weighed in Natalia Dyer (Nancy Wheeler). “We don’t get enough scenes together.”

We’ll leave the last word to the man many are considering the MVP of Season 2, Joe Keery (Steve Harrington).

“Maybe [Charlie Heaton’s] character?” wondered Keery. But Keery also mentioned the man of the hour. “I think that David Harbour is such a … he’s a role model for a lot of people on set. He’s really amazing to watch.”

We love David Harbour too. Here he is telling us about his work on Stranger Things:

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