Ever wonder what the Disney princesses' homes look like? See the rooms that interior design experts imagined

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Modsy imagines that
Modsy imagines that Beauty and the Beast princess Belle lives at this pad. (Photo: Modsy, inset: Everett Collection)

Even Disney princesses need a day off from their enchanted adventures every now and then. Now, interior design startup Modsy has imagined where the heroines of Beauty and the Beast, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Moana and other fan favorites would hang their, um, crowns.

Every piece of furniture and detail was chosen for the grownup princess living in 2019, from Belle’s book-filled china cabinet, which looks a lot like one you’d find inside the Beast’s castle, to Moana’s ocean view. The best part is that fans can easily recreate the looks for themselves with tips from the experts.


For starters, Belle’s space, which features roses and a velvet yellow sofa that are integral to her love story in Beauty and the Beast, reflects her roots in both the rustic countryside and chic Paris (check out that gorgeous chandelier!). Can’t you just see her curling up with a book here?

How to get the Belle look: “Look to bring in lush velvets in Belle’s iconic yellow hue into your home,” advises Modsy style director Alessandra Wood. “Classic curves and gold accents can also bring Belle’s magical world to life in your own space.”


Moana would be right at home in this bright space. (Photo:Modsy /Inset: Everett Collection)
Moana would be right at home in this bright space. (Photo: Modsy, inset: Everett Collection)

The design team went colorful for the star of Moana. The carved daybed and the plant accessories add to the tropical feel. Wood points out that the room divider resembles boat sails, calling out Moana’s love for the ocean.

How to get the Moana look: Choose bright colors, like teal, that make you think of the ocean, and bohemian accessories made of rattan or clay.


Cinderella's home is classically chic. (Photo: Modsy /Inset: Everett Collection)
Cinderella’s home is classically chic. (Photo: Modsy, inset: Everett Collection)

For Cinderella, the dazzling chandelier, the bird accents on the bookcase and the alarm clock are all subtle nods to her memorable night at the ball. The leather ottoman on the floor is even shaped like a pumpkin! Overall, her space is more sophisticated than blingy, much like her iconic ball gown look.

How to get the Cinderella look:Rich velvet pieces, a royal blue sofa, ivory accent chairs and brass accents can bring a sense of elegance to any space,” Wood says.

Snow White

A mirror has a prominent spot in the dwelling designed for Snow White. (Photo:Modsy /Inset: Everett Collection)
A mirror has a prominent spot in the dwelling designed for Snow White. (Photo: Modsy, inset: Everett Collection)

“If Snow White was a modern-day designer, she would 100 percent be Joanna Gaines,” Wood says. “She loves the rustic farmhouse style and is drawn to comfortable and lived-in pieces. This is her bedroom and she would have used this as the ultimate ‘enchanted forest’ escape, perfect for inspiring daydreams and bringing solace from the outside world.” The tree-inspired forest canopy bed and the wall mirror made of branches are standout pieces.

How to get the Snow White look: “Look for pieces that are inspired by nature, such as anything with an engraving or natural wood grains. Mix your patterns, and don’t shy away from the flea market,” Wood says. “Snow White was a lover of animals so anything animal-inspired — bold or subtle — would do the trick!”


This beautiful, peaceful home was designed for Mulan. (Photo:Modsy /Inset: Everett Collection)
This beautiful, peaceful home was designed for Mulan. (Photo: Modsy, inset: Everett Collection)

The residence that Modsy created for Mulan, who’s both a princess and a warrior, is meant to show both the feminine and masculine sides of her. They went with shades of blue and red — check out that pretty red floral rug — eastern-inspired pieces and clean lines. Finally, they made sure to include a dragon (in the right corner) to pay tribute to her companion, Mushu.

How to get the Mulan look: “Mulan fans, look for minimal furniture,” Wood says. “Anything midcentury modern is your friend — and bring in a touch of traditional with elements such as a rug, tapestry or artwork.”


Elsa, from
Elsa, from Frozen, would likely prefer blues and grays. (Photo: Modsy, inset: Everett Collection)

The (faux) antler light hanging overhead alone evokes the Frozen heroine. Not to mention the “Let It Go” pillow and the nods to snowman Olaf and reindeer Sven throughout. The Modsy team’s inspiration for this one was creating a “winter wonderland indoors.” The centerpiece of it all is a hand-embossed bed featuring a metal head board, fitting right in with the wintry motif.

How to get the Elsa look: Here, Wood suggests “starting with a winter palette with rich blues, silvers and bright whites. Bring nature indoors through faux hides and furs and adding acrylic and mirrored surfaces help recreate an icy cool look without being over the top.”

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