Even Non-Runners Can Appreciate How Comfortable These $36 Running Shoes Are

Caroline Harris
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This year, lounge-worthy clothing has been all the rage, from cozy hoodies to silky pajamas. This raises the question: Is your footwear as comfortable as it should be, and if not, how are you planning to fix this? Hundreds of Amazon shoppers have already answered this question for themselves by picking up the Mishansha Women’s Running Shoes, which some are dubbing “the most comfortable shoes that I’ve owned.”

The $36 running shoes are available in 20 colors, including neutral shades of black, white, and gray, as well as playful pops of pink and purple. Each pair of sneakers has durable rubber soles, knitted uppers, and shock-absorbent cushioning. The anti-slip soles offer plenty of traction as you walk around your neighborhood (or from your couch to the fridge.) Thanks to the sneaker’s cute yet practical design, you could clock a walk, hike, or bike ride in them. Or you could style them with a hoodie and leggings to complement lazy Saturdays at home.

Amazon Mishansha sneakers

Buy It! Mishansha Women’s Running Shoes in Black, $32.99–$35.99; amazon.com

One standout feature that the sneakers come with is arch support insoles to help prevent tired, aching feet and promote better posture. Usually, you would have to purchase arch support insoles separately, so this added detail makes the already affordable sneakers even more of a money saver. Better yet, the insoles are easily removable if you prefer a lighter, more flexible feel to your shoes, or simply feel like switching it up.

The Mishansha Women’s Running Shoes made the cut for this week’s Amazon customer favorites, and it’s understandable why. People praise the sneakers for being lightweight, breathable, and of good quality, with one five-star reviewer noting, “I might go as far as saying these are the best shoes I’ve ever bought.”

“I can’t tell the difference between brand-name running shoes and these ones,” another added. “The shoes are very supportive.”

“I love wearing these shoes for walking and running because they’re light and comfortable, while still giving me the support that I need,” a third reviewer weighed in on their cardio benefits.

For $36, you can be the proud owner of an everyday sneaker that’s great for workouts and lounge sessions alike. Shop the Mishansha Women’s Running Shoes below.

Amazon Mishansha sneakers

Buy It! Mishansha Women’s Running Shoes in Persian Blue, $32.99–$35.99; amazon.com

Amazon Mishansha sneakers

Buy It! Mishansha Women’s Running Shoes in Dark Purple, $32.99–$35.99; amazon.com