Even Jason Reitman won't get Hugh Jackman to be in a 'Deadpool' movie

Sorry, Ryan Reynolds … we tried! The Deadpool star has done everything in his considerable power to goad retired mutant Hugh Jackman into reprising his role as Wolverine opposite Reynolds’s Merc with a Mouth, whether it was working a Logan “cameo” into this summer’s blockbuster sequel, Deadpool 2, or trading Twitter burns.

None of those attempts worked, but we thought we found the X-factor (not to be confused with the X-Factor) that might compel the star into donning the claws one more time. See, Jackman’s next role is in The Front Runner, Jason Reitman’s new political drama recounting the tumultuous final weeks of Democratic presidential candidate Gary Hart’s 1988 campaign. Opening in limited release on Nov. 6 — Election Day — the story of Hart’s fall from political grace couldn’t be more timely, and Jackman’s transformative lead performance is already generating Oscar buzz.

Naturally, we thought that if a respected filmmaker like Reitman were to step into the director’s chair for a third Deadpool film, that would guarantee the Australian actor’s involvement. So when we recently sat down with The Front Runner helmer, we asked him if he’d be game for being the one to bring Wolverine and Deadpool together at last. Unfortunately, Reitman’s response was noncommittal, so we pitched the idea directly to Jackman. As you can see from the above video, his Wolvie-sense started tingling right away. “Did Ryan Reynolds ask you to ask this question?” he asked in mock suspicion, looking off camera as if he expected Deadpool to pop out of hiding right then and there.

We obviously declined to reveal our sources, but Jackman made it clear he’s too savvy to be fooled by yet another mutant prank. “I love Jason Reitman, and for all I say, you know I love Ryan Reynolds. But right now, Ryan, sorry buddy, you’ll have to work harder than that.”

Hey, Ryan, we feel terrible that our cover was blown … but can we still join the X-Force?

The Front Runner opens in limited release on Nov. 6.

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