Ethical Engagement Rings are Trending in 2021

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Ethical engagement rings have been trending in 2021 as the economy rebounds from COVID-19 and a growing number of consumers consider environmental sustainability, recycling materials and conflict-free ethical sourcing. For individuals looking to buy a sustainably crafted ring, finding one that checks all the boxes may be easier than most people think.

In recent years, a number of options have popped up for engagement rings and other jewelry that offer ethical ways to mine or make gems, craft the ring and get it to the consumer.

Sustainable and Conflict-Free Diamonds

One of the most straightforwardly ethical ways to acquire a diamond is by purchasing one that is lab-grown using environmentally friendly techniques. The lab-grown diamond industry has been expanding, with forecasts of lab diamonds reaching a 10% share of the global diamond market by 2030. A lab diamond is not automatically sustainable though, so buying from a source that guarantees this may be needed.

Lab-grown diamonds are worth less than mined diamonds and have even less resale value farther into the future. Some consumers may opt for a naturally mined diamond. Good options for purchasing a mined diamond that is guaranteed to be conflict-free and mined with consideration of the environment are also available. Additionally, using recycled diamonds from an old piece of jewelry or other item is a great way to mitigate ethical concerns.

Recycled Ring Metals

As for the ring itself, a big trend in the realm of ethical engagement rings is using recycled metals to make the band. Gold, platinum and silver are often and easily recycled for new jewelry. Like the diamond, using recycled metal is an easy way to ensure as ethical an impact as possible.

Got the new or old Bling?

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