Ethan and Maya Hawke joke about their nepotism

Maya and Ethan Hawke joke about nepotism
Maya and Ethan Hawke joke about nepotism

Maya and Ethan Hawke

When it comes to Hollywood, there’s always been a fascination with nepotism (think: Judy Garland and Liza Minelli; Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher; John Huston and Anjelica Huston). Even so, the term “nepo baby” has never been more popular—or more weaponized—than it is now. And despite the fact that they’ve worked together before (on The Good Lord Bird), the Hawkes are very aware it might be wielded against them in their new project, Wildcat, directed by Ethan and starring Maya as Flannery O’Connor.

In a new interview with Variety, Ethan meets the charge with humor: “Put simply, I’m a nepo dad! And I’m not embarrassed about it.” In fact, Ethan truly believes Wildcat was made possible because Maya’s stature has risen in the industry to leading lady level. “This movie is being financed because she’s in it, not because I’m directing,” he proclaims. (“Well … a little bit of both,” Maya hastens to add.)

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“If someone wants to criticize us for working together, that’s totally fair. You have to let people have their opinion,” says her dad, who also insists that while being famous can get you an audition for Julliard, “but they’re not going to get you in.” (Maya dropped out of the famed acting school to appear in the 2017 Little Women limited series.) In Ethan’s view, “You just have to try to do a good job when you’re onstage.”

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