Ethan Hawke Gets a Talkin'-to From John Travolta in Clip From 'In a Valley of Violence' (Exclusive)

Ethan Hawke is clearly enjoying life in the Old West. The actor can currently be seen as the awesomely named sharpshooter Goodnight Robicheaux in the box-office winner The Magnificent Seven and has another Western on the way in a few weeks.

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In the upcoming thriller In a Valley of Violence, Hawke plays the drifter Paul, who turns up in the near-abandoned town of Denton with his dog, Abbie (critically acclaimed dog actor Jumpy).

As you can see in our exclusive clip from the film, Paul lands in some hot water with Denton’s marshal (John Travolta, in some career-best facial hair) after a run-in with his misfit son, Gilly (James Ransone).

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Their exchange is quiet and civil, but there are three obvious signs that this film is anything but. One, it’s called In a Valley of VIOLENCE. Two, it’s written and directed by horror maestro Ti West (The Inkeepers, The House of the Devil), so the bloodletting is inevitable. And three, Paul says, “I’m not gonna cause any trouble,” which, if you’ve ever seen a Western before, means there’s about to be some trouble.

In a Valley of Violence, which premiered at the South by Southwest Film Festival to a mountain of praise, also stars Karen Gillan and Taissa Farmiga. It opens in theaters, on demand and Digital HD Oct. 21.

Watch the trailer: