ESPN green-lights '30 for 30' documentary about late broadcaster Stuart Scott

Former ESPN personality Stuart Scott died in 2015 after a battle with cancer. Photo courtesy of ESPN

April 15 (UPI) -- ESPN green-lit a 30 for 30 documentary about the life of late broadcaster Stuart Scott, the company announced Monday.

The film is in production, with no premier announced.

"Stuart Scott transcended broadcasting, journalism, sports and culture in ways that we're only beginning to really understand and appreciate now," director Andre Gaines said in a news release.

"He made his mark on so many people, especially young black men, and his legend has only grown since his passing.

"The opportunity I've had now to examine his life, visit his home, get to know his daughters Taelor and Sydni, and understand how incredibly vast and rich a life Stuart lived, I can only hope that audiences find the same catharsis I've already experienced in making this film."

Scott, who died at age 49 in 2015 after battling cancer, became one of the most recognizable figures at ESPN, often using his catchphrases and cultural references to bring excitement to sports highlights.

The documentary will tell the story about the "trailblazing broadcaster who shattered preconceived notions of how on-air figures were expected to look, talk, act, and think-and in the process, helped bring hip-hop and Black culture into the sports media mainstream," ESPN said.

The documentary will detail his rise at ESPN, impact on media and culture, and the pains he sustained through divorce and his battle with cancer.

The voices of Scott's daughters, Taelor and Syndi, are also used in the film.