Ernie Hudson Talks Staying Fit at 78, Says His Trainer 'Pushes Me Like I’m in My 20s'

"When I turned 50, people said, your body's going to change. Nothing changed. Sixties, nothing changed. Seventies... there was a change," the actor said

<p>Dave Benett/WireImage</p> Ernie Hudson

Dave Benett/WireImage

Ernie Hudson

Ernie Hudson is sharing how he’s stayed active throughout his 70s.

In an interview with Men's Health published April 15, the Ghostbusters star, 78, opened up about his longtime fit physique, admitting that his body started to change in the last five to 10 years.

"When I turned 50, people said, your body's going to change. Nothing changed. Sixties, nothing changed. Seventies... there was a change," he admitted, teasing that’s when he was "visited by Mr. Jiggles," his term for the stubborn belly fat that suddenly appeared.

"Fasting didn't get rid of Mr. Jiggles,” he told the outlet. “He just hung in there, you know, and he talks to you at night. He whispers: we need to eat something. And suddenly, I'm feeding Mr. Jiggles. So a couple of years ago, I thought: I need to get to the gym."

Although Hudson insisted that he’s "just not one of those guys" who likes formal workouts, the actor has found a regimen he can stay consistent with. He works out three days a week: Mondays are for coordination and balance, Wednesdays are for pilates, and Fridays are for strength training.

"You come away feeling really pumped, and that's sort of fun," he said. "I have this trainer who's in his twenties, and he pushes me like I'm in my twenties. And on the days I don't work out, I try to get in at least a half-hour walk at a nice pace, get the heart rate up over 110 BPM. That seems to be most effective for Mr. Jiggles!"

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<p>Joe Maher/Getty</p> Ernie Hudson

Joe Maher/Getty

Ernie Hudson

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Despite worrying about stubborn belly fat, Hudson recently went viral on social media for his youthful look during a photo call for Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire last month.

The internet’s thirst hit a new peak thanks to photos of the star wearing a casual black T-shirt and blue jeans on the red carpet, putting his biceps on display and causing fans (both old and new!) to take notice.

"I was actually a little embarrassed with the T-shirt, but my jacket had a smudge on it,” Hudson said of his viral moment. “I wasn't flexing or anything, I didn't really think about it. But it's nice to be noticed. It's flattering in a lot of ways. But when the age thing comes up, it's like, 'Oh we're surprised you're still alive!' It would be nice if they said I was sexy and then say I'm 78."

The actor told the outlet that he won’t pay too much attention to the love he’s getting online and will just focus on what really matters, especially as he approaches 80.

"Remember Dick Clark? From American Bandstand? He always looked amazing. It seemed to me he looked like a perpetual teenager, until one day he didn't. And we don't know what the future holds,” Hudson said. “Maybe one day I'll wake up and, well, who knows. So I'm not concerned with living as long as possible. I just want to live as full and complete a life as I can, to enjoy the time I have, to live a good life, and be an example of what God can do."

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