Erin Lichy’s Controversial Political Donations Explained

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Erin Lichy recently joined the Real Housewives Of New York cast for Season 14. However, she is already controversial to many viewers. Shortly after RHONY Season 14 premiered, reports surfaced that Erin had made several donations to the campaigns of former President Donald Trump. Here is everything we know about Erin’s donation history to Trump, as well as why it is so upsetting to fans.

When Did Erin Donate To Trump?

(Photo by: Cindy Ord/Bravo)
(Photo by: Cindy Ord/Bravo)

Viewers were disappointed to see that Erin donated to Trump at all. However, many were particularly confused by the timing of her donations. As reported by Variety Magazine, Erin made four donations to the Trump campaign within a week in early November 2020.

This was of course the same time the Presidential election took place, which ultimately resulted in Joe Biden being elected over Trump. Erin made two donations that each equaled to $100 on November 5 and 6, before the official election results were in. However, on November 7 and 9, she made two more donations specifically to the “Trump Make America Great Again Committee” after Trump had officially lost.

Shortly after Trump lost the election, he claimed that the election had been rigged and argued that he was still the rightful President. This eventually led to Trump’s “Stop The Steal” campaign, which quickly became controversial, as there was no evidence to back any of his claims.

What Did Erin Say About Her Donations?

Erin Lichy
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The news of Erin’s donations quickly spread, and it was not long before the RHONY star decided to speak out on her past actions. In an interview with Dear Media, Erin admitted that while she initially supported Trump’s campaign when he ran in 2016, she had since changed her mind.

Erin emphasized that in the beginning, she had high hopes that Trump would do good for her home country of Israel. However, as time went on and Trump became more controversial, Erin changed her opinion of him. Erin did not address when she changed her mind, however, as her donations did not come until he ran for President a second time four years later.

In terms of her donations specifically, Erin made it clear that she in no way supported Trump’s “Stop The Steal” campaign. Erin added that she personally believes the 2020 election was decided fairly, and that Biden rightfully won over Trump.

While there was never any concrete proof that Erin’s donations went to “Stop The Steal,” many fans simply assumed this because of the timing. Since Erin’s last two payments were merely days after her first two before the election was decided, it is possible that the timing is just a coincidence.

Why Were Erin’s Donations So Troublesome To Viewers?

Erin Lichy
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While Bravo viewers do not typically meddle in the political views of their favorite stars, Erin’s donations were particularly concerning given the time in which they were made. Two months after Trump lost the election, he instigated the January 6th attacks on the U.S. Capitol, which marked a tragic time for the country.

Nearly three years later, Trump is still controversial after his recent arrest, for racketeering of the election in addition to other charges. At this point, supporting Trump is less of a political view and more of a controversial personality trait. This is what caused viewers to become so concerned after discovering Erin’s donations, although her statements on the matter were rather reassuring.

What Is Erin Up To ON RHONY?

(Photo by: Cindy Ord/Getty Images)
(Photo by: Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

Unfortunately for Erin, she is just as controversial onscreen as she is off screen. While viewers did not mind Erin at the beginning of RHONY Season 14, she quickly lost their respect after doing a fellow cast member dirty.

Fans became furious with Erin after she turned her back on Jenna Lyons, who had genuinely trusted her as a friend. Erin told the other women that Jenna had planned to leave for their Anguilla trip a day early, to work on a tan while also avoiding economy class. This led to the group of women ganging up on Jenna once everyone arrived in Anguilla, which was difficult to watch.


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