Erin Andrews Shares Tips for Taylor Swift Fans Getting into Football: 'Ask Questions' (Exclusive)

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The longtime sideline reporter and sports fan wants to encourage more women to get into the game — and not just for the thrilling Swiftie sightings!

<p>WEAR by Erin Andrews</p> Erin Andrews

WEAR by Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews certainly knows football — and now she wants to help Swifties who are new to the sport.

The self-proclaimed sports junkie, 45, has carved out an impressive career as one of the few female sideline reporters and currently works for FOX Sports as an NFL commentator. She's also the founder of WEAR by Erin Andrews, which is a line of stylish fan gear clothes for women, and hosts the sports-centric podcast Calm Down with fellow sportscaster Charissa Thompson.

So her thoughts on the host of newbies who are tuning into the Kansas City Chiefs games, just to see if Taylor Swift is in the crowd? The more the merrier!

"Welcome! Come on in," she says of the new fans.

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"We've actually been the number one rated show for women all over television. I mean, that's more than The Bachelor, or whatever show you think women are watching," Andrews tells PEOPLE. "I mean, the fan base for the NFL before the Taylor Swift effect was already about 50-50. But we know that casual fans are now watching," she says. "That's something that Taylor Swift brought to the NFL during Week 3 of the season, and it has been so great. What we need is to reintroduce our teams, our players' stories, to them," she says.

<p>Jamie Squire/Getty Images</p> Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift

As for any advice she'd give to the "casual" fan, who might be confused about what is happening on the field?

"Ask questions," she says, noting that football rules can be complicated. "There's no such thing as a stupid question. Get to know our players, get to know our teams, get to know our traditions. We have so many great stories and so many fun things going on in the league. You'll love it."

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She adds, "If somebody like myself, who has been a fan all my life, is finding new interest in the league and in the athletes? I promise you we have so much to offer. It's great. And we can help you dress. You'll look super cute for it!"

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<p>David Eulitt/Getty; JC Olivera/WireImage</p> Taylor Swift in a jacket from Erin Andrews' line

David Eulitt/Getty; JC Olivera/WireImage

Taylor Swift in a jacket from Erin Andrews' line

Andrews notes that Swift has been great for the game for another reason: daughters bonding with their dads, the way she did growing up.

"I was telling a story last week that I saw a dad who posted on Instagram a picture of his two little girls watching football, and they were looking for Taylor. And he just wrote, 'Thanks Taylor Swift.' And I just think that's so cool. I have dads ask me all the time, how do I get my daughters to like it? I actually started loving the game because it was something to do with my dad. So if that's what Taylor Swift can bring, I think that's pretty cool."

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